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a bitter alkaloid found in coffee and tea that is responsible for their stimulating effects


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Coffein Compagnie, Sebaldsbruecker Heerstrasse 191 a 28309, Bremen, Germany.
113 Nuova Point 530 Wollenhaupt 505 WMF 1009 Decaffeinated Coffee & Tea Coffein Compagnie GmbH 909 Haelssen & Lyon GmbH 911 Mount Everest Tea Co.
Jens Eckhoff, export manager for Coffein Compagnie Dr.
Coffein Compagnie, Demus, and Swiss Water Brand Decaffeinated are but a few of the decaffeination processors that believe quality and taste are the way to keep decaf drinkers from abandoning coffee altogether.
Design, planning, and construction for the plant was done by the Bremen-based Coffein Compagnie (CC).