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The coffeeshop has been closed since its owner Majdi Abdul Malak died on May 2," said Hossam Shawki, a manager of a nearby travel agency.
Considering the very high social, political and public significance in practically all corners of the Western world of the phenomenon that is the Dutch coffeeshop, we feel this requires urgent protection.
Under the plans, coffeeshops are to become private clubs for the local markets, only accessible to Dutch citizens upon display of valid proof of identity.
Mum Nonna and dad Kamo are volunteers too - at the Age Concern coffeeshop at Mea House, central Newcastle.
After all it's only a life needing aid and not something important like a meeting at the coffeeshop, a favourite TV show coming up or just the desire to be not put out by other people's misfortunes.
Seth Rogen, now officially the busiest man in comedy after Pineapple Express, Knocked Up and Kung Fu Panda, is coffeeshop worker Zack who shares a rundown Pittsburgh flat with best friend Miri (Elizabeth Banks).
So odd it's downright cool; a barbershop quartet in an artsy coffeeshop.
Smeeter, the proprietor of a busy coffeeshop, paid a lot of attention to his profits, but very little to his customers' comforts.
Kerr was expanding the location of his insurance agency from 5,300 SF to 10,000 SF when he decided to lease the corner site in his building to a coffeeshop.
With Guayaki's new concentrate, a frothy cup of green energy is just a moment away at the coffeeshop.
Known as the coffeeshop rules, enacted in December 1991, owners must now adhere to five laws set down by the State.
The idea for this issue came out of an afternoon trip to the corner coffeeshop, a busy campus meeting place that is distinct in nature and appearance from the brick-faced structures around it.
It is not until the epilogue, a flashback that telescopes the novel to a long-ago afternoon in the thirties in the Hanselmann coffeeshop in St.
You could see a stranger on the bus or in a coffeeshop, and the instant he opened his mouth you knew a lot about his life story In England, where I went to graduate school, the mouth itself was a giveaway, since, even as teenagers, working-class people had lost a lot of teeth.
In 25 years of coffeeshop policy in Haarlem there has not been any criminal charges against or about the coffeeshops.