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It was certainly important that France's great thinkers weren't wine-addled, but coffee, and the coffeehouses in which it was served, provided other important supports, nourishing individual creativity in less obvious ways by providing a community and a culture that sparked ideas and supported innovation.
In Cairo's cosmopolitan Downtown, coffeehouses ( ahawi ), blend with old European style cafes.
According to the report, coffeehouses have more than doubled their U.
In fact, he thinks the main reason students are flocking to coffeehouses is because the drinks are gussied up with steamed milk, sugar and flavored syrups.
Museums versus coffeehouses, gentlemen versus servants; the polarities established themselves early on, and the spatial politics of the era determined the outcome.
Sipping coffee while enjoying stimulating conversation, reading a good book, or just plain relaxing has been a coffeehouse tradition for years.
Koreans had long enjoyed socializing in traditional, family-owned coffeehouses called "dabangs" over a cup of instant coffee or tea.
Famous for its homemade goodies, Stork's coffeehouse in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
To Barber this is fatuous; he is a proponent of "strong democracy," under which a bureaucracy would restrain Starbucks to protect mom-and-pop coffeehouses.
By the 1560s there were over 600 coffeehouses in Istanbul alone.
As coffeehouses are springing up all over Britain and the US, even in small Midwestern towns, a look at the most famous originators of that culture gains new interest: the Viennese coffeehouse represents indeed a high culture of its own, particularly adapted to the worldview and lifestyle of that city.
NASDAQ: CBOU), the second largest company-owned premium coffeehouse operator in the United States based on the number of coffeehouses, announced today that it will release financial results for its third quarter 2012 after the market close on Thursday, November 8, 2012.
Chains with 10+ units such as Starbucks account for nearly 40% of all coffeehouses.
More than 17,000 teens reside in Santa Clarita, and only two public coffeehouses and one bar offer limited space for teen bands to play.
People don't just drink coffee at coffeehouses anymore, especially in black communities.