Senna obtusifolia

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cosmopolitan tropical herb or subshrub with yellow flowers and slender curved pods

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They are designed for use in Crema coffee-pod machines.
Lyons Crema Coffee Pods offer delicious fresh and ground coffee with the no-fuss simplicity associated with the coffee-pod system.
Caption(s): Philips teamed with Sara Lee to feed the coffee-pod craze.
It is predicted that sales for single-serve coffee and coffee-pod systems should increase by 9 percent in 2012, and continue to rise as long as manufacturers adhere to a great pricing strategy.
As a program co-developer with P&G, Applica has an incentive-based relationship with P&G that is designed to capitalize on the manufacturing technology of the appliance, as well as to provide an opportunity for Applica to share in coffee-pod revenue in the future, provided certain targets are met for the establishment of the Home Cafe(TM) platform and household penetration.