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If I had not guessed this, on the way to the coffee-house, I could hardly have failed to know what was the matter when I followed him into an upstairs room, and found Miss Murdstone there, supported by a background of sideboard, on which were several inverted tumblers sustaining lemons, and two of those extraordinary boxes, all corners and flutings, for sticking knives and forks in, which, happily for mankind, are now obsolete.
I took a copy of this letter, and finding it lay at the house near a month and was not called for, I found means to have the copy of it put into his own hands at a coffee-house, where I had by inquiry found he used to go.
At such a happy time, so propitious to the interests of religion and morality, Mr Arthur Clennam, newly arrived from Marseilles by way of Dover, and by Dover coach the Blue-eyed Maid, sat in the window of a coffee-house on Ludgate Hill.
Mr Arthur Clennam sat in the window of the coffee-house on Ludgate Hill, counting one of the neighbouring bells, making sentences and burdens of songs out of it in spite of himself, and wondering how many sick people it might be the death of in the course of the year.
At Serjeant's Inn Coffee-house the whole party halted to refresh, and, the legal arrangements being completed, the procession moved on again.
Under the over-swinging lamps--swinging ever brighter in the better streets, and ever dimmer in the worse--and by lighted shops, gay crowds, illuminated coffee-houses, and theatre-doors, to one of the city gates.
I make up for it in part by doing my own cooking, though sometimes I get something to eat in cheap coffee-houses.
You know by the newspapers what a common thing it is for gentlemen to fight in coffee-houses without seconds.
The dire circumstances faced by Vietnamese coffee farmers are troubling, indeed, and he sheds some much-needed light on the consequences of Starbucks' coffee-house hegemony.
It stars a young Peter Falk as Nico, the smooth-talking mentor to a gang of coffee-house beatniks.
A discursive history of Britain and Islam must go much deeper into issues of gender and sexuality though, particularly when we receive tantalizing information such as the English captive Joseph Pitts's observation that he was viewed as a "pretty Maid" by "the Moors"(1) and titles from the coffee-house controversy that indicate it was waged under the personae of "maidens" and wives and through such genres as "women's petitions.
To catch up with the coffee-house trend, Nestle is relaunching its Nescafe brand of instant coffee in the United States, where Nestle ranks No.
This title is concerned with the heyday of the coffee-houses in the eighteenth century when they fulfilled the role of the gentleman's club, pub and internet-cafe in one.
In a fast-food world, it is not entirely self-evident that multi-service coffee-houses like the Central, with everything from main dishes, pastries, drinks, newspapers and a display case featuring a picture of the late Hungarian actor Bela Lugosi, can compete.