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a seed of the coffee tree

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Green coffee beans are soaked in water and the resulting green coffee bean extract passed through an activated carbon filter that removes the caffeine.
Green CoffeeTea is produced from coffee beans treated with an all-natural, non-GMO process known as MycoSmooth, which utilizes mushrooms to ferment raw coffee beans.
LOS ANGELES, July 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is proud to kick off its annual Support At Home campaign in stores.
This new beverage, Green CoffeeTea, is produced from coffee beans treated with an all-natural, non-GMO process developed by MycoTechnology, Inc.
The coffee beans are grown on a remote mountainside in the sanctuary.
7DAYS was at Eastern Mangroves yesterday to have the first-ever cup served in the Middle East, while the manager of the hotel's Ingredients restaurant, Frederique Lehr, explained that the elephants are not fed the coffee beans if they are pregnant or don't like the taste.
In their work, the researchers evaluated the chemical characteristics related to the antioxidant activity of roasted coffee, using non-roasted coffee beans and model Maillard reaction products (MRPs) as controls.
The cost of coffee beans has risen because of a mix of drought and heavy rain resulting in a less-than-stellar growing season for the world's leading coffee-producing countries, and increasing demand for high-end coffee in new markets.
AGF, which does not set suggested retail prices for its products, also said it will reduce the quantity of coffee in eight of its ground coffee bean packages by 12 percent on average while keeping the price the same following a similar effective price hike last month.
The green coffee beans are seeds from the coffee tree's cherry-like fruit.
Available in Cappuccino, Macchiato, Mocha and Light varieties, Emmi Cafe Latte is made with top-quality Arabica coffee beans chosen specifically for each variety's unique flavor profile.
An absolutely heavenly scent spilled forth: freshly roasted coffee beans, just begging to be ground, brewed and sipped from a two-fisted mug.
today announced its launch of Micron Coffee, a coffee mill that utilizes dream mill technology for producing finely ground coffee beans.
Not to mention coffee companies, which spend millions of dollars to leach caffeine from green coffee beans to make decaf--10% of the multibillion dollar world coffee market.