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Synonyms for coercion

Synonyms for coercion

power used to overcome resistance

Synonyms for coercion

the act of compelling by force of authority

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using force to cause something to occur

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See also McCartney, supra note 14, at 609-10 and accompanying text (reducing the topic of informed consent into five general components: (1) medical competency, (2) disclosure of information, (3) understanding, (4) freedom from coersion in making the decision, and (5) acceptance or rejection of the proposed medical treatment).
Furthermore, she states that the contraction between liberty and coersion that this tension illustrates is at the heart of the Revolution, with coersion eventually gaining the upper hand through the Jacobins.
Our defense efforts help to promote regional stability, prevent or reduce conflicts and threats, and deter aggression and coersion on a day-to-day basis in many key regions of the world.
This relationship can start by way of seduction or aggression, coersion or domination.
Therefore, power or coersion alone is insufficient to ensure success.