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Synonyms for ubiquinone

any of several quinones found in living cells and that function as coenzymes that transfer electrons from one molecule to another in cell respiration

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FOOD: Many foods contain CoEnzyme Q-10, including pork and beef heart, sesame seed and rapeseed oil, sardine, mackerel and tuna, chicken and eggs, broccoli, spinach, garlic, peas and carrots.
DRUG HERBAL INTERACTION ADVICE Antidepressant Gingko--may increase Identify herbal medications blood levels of the supplements and discuss medicine with physician Antipsychotic Gingko--may cause Identify herbal medications seizures supplements and discuss with physician Coumadin/Warfarin Gingko; coenzyme Q-10; Identify herbal ginseng--all enhance supplements and discuss anticoagulant action; with physician could cause spontaneous bleeding Insulin or oral Coenzyme Q-10, Identify herbal hypoglycemic ginseng--can lower supplements and discuss drugs blood sugar, with with physician potential for hypoglycemic crisis Avoid a Food Here are some examples of when a resident might need to avoid a food.
One is a patented supplement that contains acetyl L-carnitine, alpha lipoic acid, glutathione, and coenzyme Q-10.
No demonstrable improvement" was seen with coenzyme Q-10 treatment in resting left ventricular ejection fraction, volumes, or pulmonary wedge pressure, the authors noted.
Based on clinical support of effectiveness, coenzyme Q-10, creatine, glucosamine, honeybee venom and melatonin will see the strongest sales gains among nonherbal natural extracts.
For gingivitis or chronic gum inflammation, I would also mention coenzyme Q-10.
Coenzyme Q-10, a synthetically produced version of a naturally occurring enzyme, is promoted to slow aging by enhancing the immune system.
The market is further divided into five subsegments including coenzyme Q-10, omega-3 oils, natural vitamin E, ginseng extracts and ginkgo biloba extracts.
Re-Load's Focus (TM) was developed to deal specifically with those issues by using a patent pending formula of powerful herbs, blue-green algae, B Vitamins, Coenzyme Q-10, DHEA, Acetyl L-carnatine, Citicoline, and Phosphatidylserine.
The National Institutes of Health is finalizing plans to enroll hundreds of early-stage Parkinson's patients in a study of super-high doses of coenzyme Q-10, or CoQ10.
The supplement is a combination of retinol, vitamin E and coenzyme Q-10.
COENZYME Q-10 is a super-antioxidant with a variety of beneficial effects.
Focus is a unique and powerful blend of potent herbs and blue-green algae, with an added compliment of B Vitamins, Coenzyme Q-10, DHEA, Acetyl L-carnatine, Citicoline, and Phosphatidylserine.