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United States showman famous for his Wild West Show (1846-1917)

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Despite not being afraid to take risks if it helps them get ahead, Cody and Jessica haven't had the best performance streak all season.
And so Cody dipped his hand into his pocket and put the shells slowly on the sand.
at the Andy Martin Fishing Access located along the Lower South Fork Road, 14 miles southwest of Cody, to discuss river access opportunities.
Other fire departments may have fire station dogs, but none in Oregon perhaps were as qualified as Cody and Casey, both certified therapy and crisis response dogs, Linder said.
Andrew Page, prosecuting, told the court that, as well as targeting Costa Coffee, Cody had stolen another charity box from the till area of El Mexicana Restaurant, in Bold Street, a week earlier, on February 21.
jai mu be ha be Cr Ju Sentencing at Caernarfon Crown Court yesterday, judge Mr Justice Griffith Williams said: "The offence committed by Dean Cody, whom all three of you assisted, was murder, although I accept in all your cases on January 5 you believed the offence was a serious assault.
Cody smoothed rough patches of drywall and taped the seams between sheets.
Luke went to Notre Dame, Tyler to North Carolina and Cody to Indiana.
In his new role, Cody oversees office leasing throughout ESRT's Manhattan properties.
Cody wins a People/Davies Angling goody bag for a top effort and landing a simply stunning catch
The pair looked very intimate and in love as they cuddled up, with their foreheads touching and Cody holding onto his model girlfriend's waist.
Cody published his autobiography--a fast-paced narrative of his childhood in Kansas, his scouting expeditions with the US Army, and his career as a buffalo hunter--at thirty-three.
He doesn't have much else going for him--school's a bust, his dad's an alcoholic and Cody has some anger issues that make him pretty much an outsider anywhere but on the ice.