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described in South Dakota Codified Law, though none apply to the
Once compiled, that commentary stopped being commentary, and took on the status of codified law.
The West tends to conflate democracy with the rule of codified law, human rights, secularism and freedom of individual conscience.
Common law systems are still fundamentally based on case law while civil law systems are based on codified law, but these distinctions are eroding.
There are innumerable different legal systems within Latin America that largely follow codified law.
The new protection law for trafficking victims codified law enforcement's responsibility to refer victims for services, however the government did not adopt formalized, stand-alone procedures for all front-line responders to use when referring potential victims for care.
Many believe it gave birth to such milestones of human development as agriculture, codified law and the wheel.
On the other hand, human-rights NGOs are driven by internationally recognized principles and standards and codified law (p.
In the near future, it is quite possible that Illinois will join the vast majority of states with a codified law of evidence analogous to the Federal Rules of Evidence.
Al Menhali said that there is no codified law which automatically grants expatriates residency ifAathey purchase properties.
These large 'statues' of vases establish a commemorative atmosphere, using their archaic form to invoke the tradition of the human community bound by codified law, from early Babylon and Jerusalem to the basilicas of ancient Rome.
According to the author, "phonetic writing or the alphabet created the conditions for codified law, monotheism, abstract science, deductive logic, the printing press, and the Industrial Revolution" (p.
The journal examines the transition of China's legal system from the influence of the Confucian philosophy of social control through moral education, as well as the legalist emphasis on codified law and criminal sanctions remain, to modern legal concepts and approaches, especially those areas that have ramifications internationally such as intellectual property, antitrust and international law and practice.
By shifting attention away from codified law to the law as it worked in practice, Hett emphasizes those practical constraints and political realities that worked against arbitrary and ill-founded prosecutions.
All public schools in South Dakota test students according to South Dakota Codified Law 13-3-55, which was adopted in January 1997 and amended in January 2003.