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evergreen tropical trees and shrubs with thick and colorful leathery leaves

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Combat the excesses of Christmas by lifting your spirits with a easy to care for Zamioculcas whose striking looks will also be a talking point; reduce symptoms of post-Christmas stress and a range of common allergies besides with a colourful Codiaeum or spiky Dracaena.
Development of the ovule and integuments in Euphorbia milii and Codiaeum variegatum.
Growth and Nutritional Studies on Alternaria and Fusarium isolated from leaf spots of Codiaeum variegatum.
Birmingham's gardeners will, however, be seen at several high profile events later this year such as the Hampton Court Flower Show and the Lions Convention at the NEC where we are creating an exhibit showcasing the Codiaeum collections of Birminghamand Liverpool.
Codiaeum variegatum is used by the Marma helaers for old fevers, coughs and colds.
In vitro anti-influenza screening of several Euphorbiaceae species: structure of a bioactive Cyanoglucoside from Codiaeum variegatum.
Make sure that all risk of frost has passed and that the plants, particularly tropical foliage plants like Aglaonema, Codiaeum, Cathedral Windows (Calathea), Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia) and the Prayer Plant (Maranta), are put in dappled shade so that they don't get scorched.
United States of America, Florida, Monroe County, Codiaeum variegatum, Apr 9, 2008, L.
Paratype, [female][female] United States of America, Florida: Marathon, Codiaeum variegatum Apr 2008, L.
Another candidate for a lottery grant is the tropical plant display house with its National Collection of Codiaeums although it is now deemed too dangerous to admit the public after suffering storm damage.
Up to 60F is ideal for anthuriums with those beautiful flamingo-like flowers, caladiums, cissus, codiaeums and African violets.