Leonardo da Vinci

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Italian painter and sculptor and engineer and scientist and architect

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Details of pages from Leonardo da Vinci's notebook developing the geometry of his octant triangle figure, which was later developed as the Reuleaux triangle [xiii] (Leonardo da Vinci, Paris Manuscript A, 15v; Codex Atlanticus, 923
Discover the secrets of the Codex Atlanticus together with S awomir Zubrzycki
This selected list is based on the known list of works that show up in a list in Leonardo's hand dated 1485-87 in the Codex Atlanticus, Folio 888r, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milan.
26) The general principle of construction for the anamorphic view of the head sotto in su in the Dresden sheet may be based on Leonardo's proportional projection of grids, of a circle with respect to an oval ('De quadratura della figura ovale'), as the design in the Dresden sheet seems to more or less conform to what is described and illustrated in a treatise-like passage of writing by Leonardo in the Codex Atlanticus, vol.
5 "Leonardo's Automobile" (Museo Leonardiano, Vinci, Italy) This exhibition presented the first compelling model of da Vinci's so-called "car," sketched in the Codex Atlanticus and long a mystery to scholars.
In downtown Milan is a distinguished library/art gallery known as Ambrosiana, which houses two portraits da Vinci painted during his Milanese period and the most famous of his manuscripts, the Codex Atlanticus.
Collections of his manuscripts that contain astronomical drawings are the Codex Arundel, the Codex Atlanticus, and the renowned Codex Leicester, which recently passed from the collection of Armand Hammer to the library of Microsoft chairman Bill Gates.
Dei's relationship to Leonardo has been generally accepted on the basis of a draft of a letter from Leonardo to "Benedetto de" widely assumed to be Benedetto Dei, in the Codex Atlanticus.
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