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(computer science) a code for information exchange between computers made by different companies

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Editor's note: While based on what eventually became the ISO 8859-1 standard, this character set was never an ANSI standard and should be referred to as code page Windows-1252 (13), though it is still frequently confused with the ISO 8859-1 standard, which was implemented in Windows as code page Windows-28591.
For Web designers of Russian sites, the choice of code page complicates design somewhat.
If you had a bug, you'd get user complaints about wrong outcomes, quickly helping to identify the business function, the program, and eventually the code page to fix.
com)-- CouponShoebox is excited to announce its Boost Mobile promo code page, which offers the latest information for those who prefer a prepaid cellphone plan to signing a contract.
While the history of code page development has caused some difficulties regarding character set support, its resolution cannot be interpreted as an indicator of having met all (or perhaps, any) of the international customers' needs.
The company performed a round of manual performance tuning - painstakingly rewriting their site's code page by page to optimize each page for optimal delivery - but realized that this was a never-ending task, as optimization standards are continually changing and evolving.
com)-- CouponShoebox is excited to announce it has set up a cell phone promo code page.
EDITORS' NOTE: Federal income tax code page counts are based on the CCH Standard Federal Tax Reporter, a leading tax resource for professionals.