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(computer science) a code for information exchange between computers made by different companies

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Instead of developing a tailor-made solution with existing code pages, we were able to deliver an 'out-of-the-box' tool.
1 includes enhanced usability and access features such as Section 508 compliance for customers with disabilities, as well as international code page support for non-English speaking environments, allowing more staff to enjoy the benefits of mainframe systems.
Standard features include a worldwide range of ISO and MS code page fonts; industrial graphics, bar codes and POSTNET; quiet, stylized cabinet; and standard paper out, paper jam and ribbon sensors for virtually fail-safe, unattended printing.
It receives the log file in text format, write data for each session into a table, we code pages, we calculate the visiting time for each page, then calculate the average of each page visit, identify sessions, and apply Page Rank first on all chosen set of learning sessions and then only on the set of learning sessions that contain the current page obtaining the probabilities of visiting for first three more visited pages from where it can navigate from current page.
The new release of SLIP incorporates the combination of the transaction types and coverage code pages into a single page.
Then, companies like Macro-media and Microsoft created Web development software that included, along with the code pages, another layer on which you managed content with graphical tools that did much of the formatting and all of the HTML coding for you.
On this site, the page showing a particular section of the code includes arrows that let you scroll forward or back by code pages.
The basic editing features are much easier to use than any other database editor, and the defaults regarding file locking and code pages are also more intelligently defined.