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the science of analyzing and deciphering codes and ciphers and cryptograms

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The modern era of code making got started in 1976, when Martin Hellman of Stanford University and Whitfield Diffie, now at Sun Microsystems in Mountain View, California, published a paper entitled "New Directions in Cryptography" in the journal IEEE Transactions on Information Theory.
Jim Dollins was Chairman of the National Armored Cable Manufacturers Association; Chairman of the Wire and Cable Council of the Copper Development Association; Member of the National Electrical Code Making Panel 8; Member of the NEMA/UL Policy Committee; Member of the Code Making Panel 8 of the NEC; Member of NEMA's Standards and Policy Committee; and served on the Executive Board of the RWC of IAEI, among many other advisory duties.
All products and suites maintain the same look and feel and are generated from the same source code making the process more efficient and the experience more consistent.
Saxl's bill amended Maine's tax code making Maine a more attractive location for mutual fund companies.