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Fully release application and source code for application programs.
On the other hand, the gene isn't a suitable bar code for plants or bacteria.
If you code for 30130 (excision of turbinate), you cannot code for 30140 (submucus resection of turbinate) on the same side.
Richard Faleschini, president and chief executive officer of BioSphere Medical, commented, "Earlier this year we became aware that SIR was pursuing this single, all-inclusive code for UFE.
There will be a six-month introductory period to acquaint people with the area code, but by August 1999, callers must dial the new area code for their call to be put through, Devine said.
com to help determine the right IRS activity code for a business.
Postal Service again refused to create a ZIP code for Oak Park, a Ventura County community that shares its five-digit code with a portion of Los Angeles County, including neighboring Agoura Hills.
Invented in 1993 at France Telecom Research and Development, by Claude Berrou, Turbo Codes are gaining increasing acceptance as a commercially viable Forward Error Correction (FEC) code for broadband wireless applications.
The formal plan to split the 805 area code along east-west lines - retaining the existing code for the central coast counties of Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo - was submitted Wednesday to state regulators for review and final approval.
6 generates ASP code for a Web browser front-end, enabling users to run their Visible Developer Visual Basic applications over the Internet.
You have the same area code for so long, and they change it.
The solution also includes Stateflow(R), a graphical tool for designing the complex logic found in intelligent control systems, and Real-Time Workshop, which generates C code for rapid prototyping of Simulink models.
State regulators decided Wednesday to split the 213 area code by creating a new code for a doughnut-shape region surrounding downtown Los Angeles.
This will allow users to search for a supplier or product by using the standard NIGP code for a specific good or service.
Using the device to scan a bar code or simply entering in the series of numbers associated with the bar code, the user goes directly to a relevant Web page application or stores the bar code for later use - allowing the user easy access to information, to perform transactions, or to use a specific application.