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(Greek mythology) one of the Titans

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Cocus wood, not be confused with that of coconut - which is of course, a palm - was used in the late 17th century to make instruments such as flutes and even bagpipes.
We studied coconut water from Cocus nucifera as substrate for Sacharomyces cerevisiae growth.
Key words: Biomass, Sacharomyces cerevisiae reproduction, coconut, kinetic, Cocus nucifera.
Companies also will need to align perquisites with business needs by focusing on such items as subscriptions to industry- or governance-related periodicals, expense reimbursement for relevant training/seminars or other continuing education, and board retreats that Cocus on team-building and discussions about key business issues.
Phillip took on live plants at Rio de Janeiro and, with help from Masson, as the Cape, so that when he sailed on the last leg of the voyage, his cabin was--in Masson's words--"like a Small Green House with Plants from Brazil, among which was some rare Plants viz Ipecacuana, Jalapa, & Cactus Tuna with Cocus Cochinilifera breeding on it.
Segun la especialista Martha Vargas --una chiapaneca de 52 anos de edad, casada y madre de 4 hijos-- las materias primas requeridas para un buen laqueado son el "axe" (grasa que se obtiene del insecto Cocus axin, popularmente conocido como cochinilla) y la tierra que recibe el nombre de "dolomina" (compuesta de calcio y carbonato natural de magnesio).
In Dorimond's L'Ecole des cocus a degree of rhythmical interaction is achieved when the Doctor first replies to the Captain's verse in prose, then exchanges stichomythia in alexandrines, and finally each delivers an octosyllabic stanza on a single rhyme (Scene 2, in Mazouer, pp.
Le Barbouille's anxieties, those of the married or would-be married man, can be seen in the Sganarelles of Le Cocu imaginaire, L'Ecole des maris, and Le Mariage force; also in Arnolphe, Amphitryon, and of course Georges Dandin, whose third act is based on the final scenes of La Jalousie.
As demais especies que tambem se destacaram foram: Cocus nucifera (coco), Annona muricata (graviola), Carica papaya (mamao), Citrus limonia (limao), sendo utilizadas na alimentacao das familias e com ocorrencia nos QAFs.
La sombra especifica esta principalmente compuesta de Inga micheliana (Fabaceae), Inga laurina (Fabaceae), Gliricidia sepium (Fabaceae), Tabebuia donnell-smithii (Bignoniaceae) y Samanea saman (Fabaceae); la sombra de frutales incluye Persea americana (Lauraceae), Mangifera indica (Anacardiaceae), Pouteria sapota (Sapotaceae), Cocus nucifera (Palmae) y Musa sp.
As a result, secondary succession of terrestrial plants including Laguncularia racemosa, Avicennia germinans, Prosopis juliflora, Hibiscus tiliaceus, and Cocus nucifera were observed at the periphery and interior regions of the study site.
Quiditat SRC INCI name: water (and) hypnea musciformis extract (and) geldielia acerosa extract (and) cocus mucifera extract Suggested use level: 3-5% Applications: skin lotions, moisturizing creams and lotions and massage creams Comments: This natural product uses the protective and mositurizing properties of sea-weeds for skin care products.
Au bout de quelque temps, il luy prit envie de venir voir la France, par le moyen du Seigneur Bonvisi, banquier de Lion, Lucquois tres-riche, de laquelle il estoit amoureux; ou elle estant, elle s'enquit fort de ce Seigneur et de sa femme et, entr'autres choses, si elle ne le faisoit point cocu, 'd'autant, disoit-elle, que j'ay dresse son mary de si bel air, et luy ay appris de si bonnes lecons, que les luy ayant montrees et pratiquees avec sa femme, il n'est possible qu'elle ne les ait voulu monstrer a d'autres; car nostre mestier est si chaud, quand il est bien appris, qu'on prend cent fois plus de plaisir de le monstrer et pratiquer avec plusieurs, qu'avec un.