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La Placa de Cocos esta formada de basalto y pasa debajo de las costas del Pacifico sur de Mexico, desde Chiapas hasta Jalisco.
Furthermore, the model also allows the behavior of banks in relation to CoCos to be evaluated, when there are no restrictive regulations for the taking or displacement of risk.
This provision presents a potential contradiction in the context of a conversion of CoCos into shares.
Cocos may qualify as additional Tier 1 capital or as less-reliably loss absorbing Tier 2 components of regulatory capital.
Also Asian Tribune located a coconut palm' or Cocos n
In its 18-page petition for review, PDSC said the COCOs were "wholly owned and operated by Chevron Services, a company that has the same stockholders and practically the same directors and officers as Chevron, the so-called supplier.
cocos act like bonds, until something happens which causes them to convert to shares - some lose their value completely when this event occurs and it is important to know exactly what will happen in the event of a trigger.
So if the cocos are already included in the EUR 10 bln or so that has been the main reference for our assumptions, then Cyprus must find even more to bring its debt level down to a more sustainable level.
Mae'n gorffen yr erthygl gyda'r dyfyniad: Helir cocos yn Nhraeth Lafan, Ond brwyn at ganhwyllau yn Ysbyty Ifan Tybed oes rhywun weyr pwy ydoedd W.
JACQUES COUSTEAU DESCRIBED COCOS ISLAND as the most beautiful island in the world, and the few people who have a chance to visit would likely agree with the praise.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-March 7, 2012--Credit Suisse sets price guidance for Swiss CoCos at 7-7.
2 million deal between Ede-Sur and Ege-Haina for refurbishing the power lines in Los Cocos, Juancho, Villa Esperanza and Oviedo.
The Mullanys, from Swansea, south Wales, had been staying at the Cocos Hotel in the south west of the holiday island in July 2008.
Without these activities, the issuance of CoCos is not necessary.