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the edible white meat of a coconut

large hard-shelled oval nut with a fibrous husk containing thick white meat surrounding a central cavity filled (when fresh) with fluid or milk

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Normally coconut trees bear only 70 coconuts on one tree.
He also pointed out that planting 100,000 coconut trees in Dhofar governorate comes within the context of His Majesty the Sultana€™s attention to the agricultural sector in the Sultanate since the dawn of the blessed Renaissance.
The wind was so strong that even coconut trees were bending up to 70 degrees," he said.
In the United States, coconut trees are a tropical ornamental plant that's highly in demand as a signature landscape element--particularly in Florida.
The baggage collection area is adorned with coconut trees, a giant five-storey high wall of jungle creepers and cascading water features called the ''Green Wall'' and a modernistic sculptured sandstone art wall custom-made in Bali.
But then a blight killed the coconut trees, and the company ended up withdrawing almost completely from the area.
I long for the day when I can live on a tiny island with abundant coconut trees, a couple of large cows and a beautiful blonde girl with a smashing personality.
They begin to explore the island and discover it has monkeys and coconut trees, but not much else.
Samui Island is just an hour's flight from Bangkok but one of Thailand's most picturesque islands, drenched in coconut trees and white sand beaches.
Houses rest silently in the shade of coconut trees guarding the roadside; the landscape whispering secrets of beauty and mystery, as we tear through the morning traffic.
We were shot at all the time by the Japanese hiding the coconut trees, and we shot back.
While drinking some rum with a local developer, they convinced him that he needed a skatepark to give the tourists something to enjoy when they weren't snorkeling, getting chased by giant stingrays, or climbing coconut trees.
Modina's ancestors worked these mountains with their hands; these coconut trees have given sustenance to generations of Modinas.
The men chanted fierce war cries as villagers from all over the remote volcanic island came to watch from among the coconut trees.