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Synonyms for coconut

the edible white meat of a coconut

large hard-shelled oval nut with a fibrous husk containing thick white meat surrounding a central cavity filled (when fresh) with fluid or milk

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909 coconut palm trees in Salalah and 5463 in Taqah agricultural plan, 37 km from Salalah, and 10.
The annual production of coconut from coconut palm trees at about 1455 feddans is 6551 tons.
Dhofar Municipality and the Directorate General of Agriculture and Animal Wealth in Dhofar is very keen on planting coconut palm trees in the Governorate due to its economic benefits, historic importance and multiple uses in daily life.
On the island of Java, Indonesia, farmers enjoy a reliable living from the coconut palm trees that grow wild on their properties.
The Wakaya Club & Spa in Fiji is consistently reviewed and ranked as one of the finest luxury island resorts in the world, and hosts discerning travelers, top celebrities and dignitaries in style and comfort under swaying coconut palm trees.
This secluded hideaway, nestled amid hundreds of Jamaican coconut palm trees, provides the ideal location for guests to completely detach themselves from everyday life.
The vacant land, heavily forested with coconut palm trees, boasts 4,000 linear feet of water frontage along the South Caribbean Sea.