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Chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of cocoa pod were used as indicators of nutritional quality.
Fresh and fully ripe cocoa pods were harvested, sorted out to remove the bruised ones and divided into four parts, each containing three hundred (300) pods.
JoEuo Jose putting cocoa pod in sack, tilt up to face
Modified cocoa pod husk-filled polypropylene composites by using methacrylic acid.
The project provides farmers with resistent seedlings as well as training in growing plants that are more resistant to the cocoa pod borer disease.
Information on the use of cocoa pod husk as soil amendment on the growth of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.
The trees blossom and only one flower out of 300 will transform itself into the cocoa pod.
Since the peak period, Malaysian production has been trending downward and because of an El Nino-induced drought and damage from the cocoa pod borer, the 1997/98 production forecast is for 115,000 tonnes, down 4 percent from last season and less than half the record harvest set a decade ago.
Balsa cultivation is an attractive and competitive land-use option for both large- and small-scale landowners in ENB, with few barriers to entry, and its appeal to smallholders is likely to increase as a consequence of the impact of the cocoa pod borer on smallholder cocoa production.
Chocolate is made from cocoa beans, and those beans are inside a fruit called a cocoa pod, which grows on trees in the tropics.
In addition, the problem of affordability of the chemical fertilizer to farmers farmer and other attendant problems of fertilizer procurement and distribution make the use of cocoa pod husk ash and goat dung a viable option [21].
Their cocoa production is also threatened by the devastating cocoa pod borer (Conopomorpha cramerella).
Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana, to benefit women and women's groups economically by disseminating knowledge about quality potash and soap production from cocoa pod husks.
PNG s coffee and cocoa production have declined over the last decade due to a range of factors, including: a lack of extension services in many areas; inadequate replanting, with many trees over 40 years old; and the devastating impact of cocoa pod borer (CPB).
New Products and attractions featured at the Chocolate Show include: * Cocoa pod shaped chocolates, organic fruit truffles, chocolate covered potato chips, chocolate sushi, chocolate soda, martini cordials, peanut butter & jelly chocolate bars and many others * Chocolate Lounge: a decadent chocolate themed lounge, decorated by artist Nir Adar, serving chocolate cocktails and drinks that pair well with chocolate * An "Art Walk" with paintings, sculptures and art made with or in chocolate * Cote d'Ivoire visual landscape and entertainment center with music and dancing * A five-tiered chocolate pagoda (6 by 6 feet) and a 12 foot chocolate tin serving hot chocolate Tickets