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an afternoon party at which cocktails are served

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This contract notice for the selection of companies performing services catering for meetings and cocktail parties for Aeroports de Paris.
Shulman's perfectly composed black and white photographs defined an era of post-war Californian Modernism; an era of social and technological optimism, of elegant, economical architecture, of hedonistic cocktail parties and languid, sun-drenched afternoons idling by the swimming pool.
Every Friday there were at least two cocktail parties and on Saturday four or five.
and Town & Country - will host events, fashion shows, cocktail parties, trunk shows, store openings and more throughout New York City.
Contract notice: catering services for meetings and cocktail parties for aeroports de paris
The Purcell sisters started giving cocktail parties together when they moved to New York 12 years ago, and their book was an outgrowth of a lack of down-to-earth information on the topic.
Some people may see these cocktail parties as jollies, but they are hard work.
The band mates sing in French and English, and their much ballyhooed live appearances aren't so much concerts as kitschy multimedia cocktail parties replete with dancers, props, and hors d'oeuvres.
Some tended bar or served as hostesses at cocktail parties.
The iPod Playlist Book makes it simple by featuring more than 150 playlists organized by genre (punk, blues, roots, and more) and activity (road trips, cocktail parties, weddings, luaus, etc.
SKYY Melon is being introduced to the "Big Apple" at a host of cocktail parties including the Opening Night Gala on May 1 at the Winter Garden, Kodak's Filmmaker Party on May 4 at Roy's Marriott/Tribeca Cinemas, A&E's Filmmaker Party at the Tribeca Grand on May 7, and the Closing Gala at the Atrium on May 9, as well as at the Directors Guild of America reception on May 3 at the SoHo Grand.
With cocktail parties back in style, consider a dark suit and elegant tie for him and a dressy knee-length dress or suit in evening fabrics (such as satin, brocade or velvet) for her.
While Pantoliano enjoyed daily continental breakfast, nightly cocktail parties at the Whitelaw hotel, he spent much of his down time autographing copies of his new book for hotel guests over espressos and canoli's.
As a member of this exclusive group, you will also receive invitations to two private cocktail parties and a host of other amenities