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participation in the sport of matching gamecocks in a cockfight

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The pair had denied holding cockfights, which are illegal in every US state, in the town of Irrigon in 2012 and 2013.
In Tabasco, a group of citizens marched to the state legislature in Villahermosa carrying placards that read, "No to circus animals, No to cockfights, No to bullfights, and Yes to protection of animals.
Over the centuries Castle Hill has witnessed Chartist rallies, prize fights, cockfights and even bombs.
com)-- The 3rd Edition of the London Indian Film Festival (20 June - July 3) is a feast for the senses, featuring circuses, mobsters, cockfights, transvestites and kite-flying, set in some of the world's greatest cities and some never before seen virgin locations.
a rural area on the mainland where cockfights and accompanying crowds are less likely to draw attention.
Last week the Sunday Mirror showed pictures of cockfights and discos inside the jail, with lags bragging that it was "the best jail in the world".
The bien-pensants have adopted home-insurance and neckties, while the irreclaimable traditionalists, stigmatized already as "dumb," want to continue with drinking sessions and cockfights.
He writes thoughtfully, for example, about cockfights and animal activism.
men at the cockfights had them tattooed on their hands.
Presently, cockfights are allowed inside purpose built arenas where betting is legal, but clandestine matches also abound.
In terms of courtly pleasures, birds and dogs appear more often in hunting than in cockfights and dogfights in texts that I have used.
Cockfights usually last for around 20 minutes and progress into bloodbaths.
Gambling at cockfights has been illegal since the passage of a state Senate bill last year, but the winner of the derby collects a purse from entry fees.
She said: "Just like they came from all over to see cockfights in Prescot's Cockpit or to see plays down the road in the Playhouse, we want them to come to Knowsley's new Cockpit.
The cockfights attain their significance when they are placed within this matrix of distinctly Western themes.