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As for Cockbird, no words could ever express what we felt about him.
As I suspected, the old cockbird hadn't gone far--they often don't in cold like this--and it wasn't 10 seconds before the raucous cackling of a highly agitated rooster pheasant broke the bitterly cold air.
That's a cockbird," said Camilla, as if that explained everything.
A few hours into the hunt, a gaudy, long-tailed cockbird rocketed straight up in front of me, and the 12-gauge double came up with wonderful smoothness, and without conscious effort I pulled the trigger as the twin muzzles swept past the bird's head and knocked it back into the weeds.
You can stockpile hens but not your roosters; one cockbird will service a lot of hens.
The line is self-sustaining with new blood from cockbirds being introduced only under carefully monitored conditions.