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(Middle Ages) an imaginary land of luxury and idleness

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I and 2, Introduction and Allegro, Elegy, Sospiri, Falstaff, Cockaigne, Froissart, Enigma Variations, Pomp & Circumstance Marches Nos.
The Food of Wishes, from Cockaigne to Utopia" and "Food of Regret" are also paired.
Certainly, the nation's obsession with cowboy movies--those titles that create the illusion that somewhere out there, as the songster promises, looms an ethereal Cockaigne full of land, lots of land, under starry skies at night--remains firm.
Their topics include mapping the Middle Ages, monsters at the Earth's imagined corners, imaginary journeys among the Celts, and the Land of Cockaigne in the far west of Spain.
Unfortunately, Simon Cowell interrupted the Halle Orchestra's recital of Elgar's Cockaigne Suite and reduced the first violinist to tears by telling her there was no way she would make it in the music industry.
Young Dutch violinist Janine Jansen is the soloist in Mendelssohn's popular Violin Concerto in E minor, which is followed by Elgar's colourful tour of Old London Town, Cockaigne.
Diana remembers that she and her dying mum shared their last, tender moments together, listening to Elgar's Cockaigne Overture.
Elgar said that he wanted his overture Cockaigne, a musical impression of London, to be "stout and steaky".
If Walton is a successor of Elgar but without Elgar's wandering tendencies - his Cockaigne Overture that opened the concert waffles desperately - then Vaughan Williams is from a different English tradition altogether, though sharing with Walton an interest in early English music.
One thing, however, was very surprising for me - the CSO haven't performed Elgar's Cockaigne in their hall since 1945.
10pm (Fri-Tue) QUEEN'S HALL ARTS CENTRE, HEXHAM Beaumont Street (01434 652477) Charlie Chaplin Short Comedies (): Thu 8pm STAR AND SHADOW CINEMA, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE Stepney Bank (0191 261 0066) I'm A Fool + The Bells Of Cockaigne (): Mon 4pm Princess Iron Fan (Tie Shan Gong Zhu) (): Sun 4pm Reel News (): Wed 7.
On September 3, the orchestra will perform a programme beginning with Elgar's colourful tour of old London in his Overture, Cockaigne (In London Town).
Under the baton of chief conductor Vasily Petrenko, this evening's programme includes Elgar's Cockaigne (In London Town), a lively portrait of Edwardian London playing on the term "cockaigne", at the time used to describe gluttony and drunkenness.
The concert begins with Elgar's Overture Cockaigne and winds up with Dvor[sz]k's tuneful Symphony No 8 in G Major.
The varied concert, conducted by Simon Wright, ranged from the pomp and ceremony of Walton's Crown Imperial and Elgar's Cockaigne to the Cornish Dances of Arnold.