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These coccinellids, which feed exclusively on HWA, were released onto infested hemlock trees at ten sites in the GRSM.
It was found to be composed of various heteropterans, lacewings, coccinellids, ants and parasitoids (Lynch & Garner 1980; Boica Junior et al.
Among the predators maximum population of coccinellid was observed followed by lacewing, wasp and spider.
Abundance of coccinellids (Coleoptera) in field-crop and grass habitats in eastern South Dakota.
Adaptations of Coccinella magnifica Redtenbacher, a myrmecophilous coccinellid, to aggression by wood ants (Formica rufa group).
Individuals of this voracious species are larger than the average aphidophagous coccinellid (Osawa 1993).
Coccinellid adults may survive on artificial diets with carbohydrate solution, but females will usually not lay eggs (Hagen 1962; Lundgren 2009), showing that this type of diet can affect insect fertility and fecundity.
Predation in diversified agroecosystems: relations between a Coccinellid predator Coleomegilla maculate and its food.
Newly eclosed coccinellid larvae may improve their survival rate by feeding on conspecific eggs (Gagne et al.
Polyandry (multiple mating) is very common in females of this predatory coccinellid.