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an ornament (such as a knot of ribbon or a rosette) usually worn on the hat

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A lively salad follows, with a gamut of exotic leaves according to what is available: ours was made up of cerize, frillice, bergamot, cocarde and cressonette Marrocaine, with 'shocked' basil oil, purple basil and salsa pica de galos.
At this time, the term does not yet have a negative connotation for Barres, who seeks to create with his daily La Cocarde a force in which 'socialists and intellectuals' gather (5 September 1894) in opposition to the regime.
Prior to Cocardes in 1917, Poulenc wrote "Toreador," a cabaret song that ironically poked fun at both cabaret and high art song.
A speech such as Chantecler's near-Rabelaisian harangue in Act III--"Oui, Coquards cocardes de coquilles,/ Coquardeaux, Coquebins, Coquelets, Cocodrilles .