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a transmission line for high-frequency signals

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He has over 20 years of experience in the development of communications systems and products over satellite, coaxial cable, wireline and wireless.
DS2's new low frequency chipset (1-30 MHz) allows the Corinex AV Powerline Ethernet adapter to propagate signals up to 300m (or much more if the product is set to function as a repeater or used over coaxial cable networks) unlike other high frequency chipsets (using 750 MHz and above) which limit reachable distances to less than 100m.
is using NVT's equipment to transmit video signals from cameras to monitors via existing unshielded twisted pair (UTP) wire, saving about 20 percent on cable, equipment and installation versus the cost of using coaxial cable.
CopperGate's CopperStream(TM) products can carry 128 megabits per second of data over both coaxial cables and phonelines with guaranteed QoS and up to 90% user data throughput via a synchronous mode of operation that ensures delivery of data streams with predefined bandwidth, latency and jitter.
AVA cables, part of Andrew's HELIAX coaxial cable transmission line solutions, are available in two sizes.
1 prototype will surely increase MSOs' confidence in building Gigabit networks with existing coaxial cables.
The antenna is fed using two coaxial cables, which provide the required broadband input matching, stabilize the antenna phase center, and improve the far field pattern when compared with an antenna fed with a single coaxial cable.
However in all detectors the EM signals travel through a dielectric, either in bulk or optical fibre or through RF coaxial cables.
If you don't have an amplifier use a splitter to connect both TV coaxial cables to the aerial.
CopperGate Communications, a developer of chipset solutions for home networking, and Ucentric Systems, a leading provider of home media networking software for the digital home, has announced a joint Internet Protocol (IP) network solution for delivering whole-home entertainment applications using existing coaxial cable and phone lines.
We predipped the eight semi-rigid coaxial cables several times in liquid helium before sample probe assembly to minimize Teflon insulation flow during cooldown.
The UH58380 includes two quad-shield RG6 coaxial cables, two 4-pair, Cat-5e UTP wires, and one 2-fiber interconnect.
Such cables would transmit physical and biological data--200 times faster than coaxial cables can--from the Atlantic and the Pacific to shore laboratories.
1] This kind of coupler has excellent performance in terms of high directivity, very low SWR, good isolation, excellent electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, high power handling capability, extremely low cost due to the use of commercial semi-rigid coaxial cables and elimination of mechanical housing.