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a transmission line for high-frequency signals

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Olson, president and CEO, stated, "Industria Tecnica Cavi gives CDT additional coaxial cable capacity and a base in southern Europe to manufacture and sell other CDT products.
CommScope is the world's largest manufacturer of coaxial cable and is a leading supplier of high-performance cables for LAN, wireless and other communication applications.
is the world's leading manufacturer of coaxial cables for cable television and a leading manufacturer of highly specialized wire and cable products for the computer, local area network (LAN) and satellite television markets.
MoCA is developing specifications for the transport of digital entertainment and information content over in-home coaxial cable.
He has over 20 years of experience in the development of communications systems and products over satellite, coaxial cable, wireline and wireless.
Our flexible microwave and RF coaxial cables are engineered to meet or exceed the stringent requirements for a range of rugged industrial and military applications," states Jeet Sanyal, engineering manager, Temp-Flex.
S represented the largest market for coaxial cables with a market share of 59.
One of the biggest pluses of coaxial cables is they are relatively immune to outside electrical interference; that's very important in an office crowded with electronic equipment.
End-users for coaxial cables include CATV companies, internet service providers, telephone service providers, military and aerospace industry, system integrators, construction industry and communication equipment manufacturers for medical, marine, automobile and other industries.
Photonics uses optical sensors, light pulses in glass fibers and streak cameras or other optical display devices in place of electrical sensors, electrical pulses in coaxial cables and oscilloscopes.
The Corinex AV Powerline Ethernet adapter, together with the AV Phoneline and AV CableLAN, form the most extensive solution set to support the triple play of video, voice, and data over electrical wires, coaxial cables, and phone lines.
The companies are demonstrating an end-to-end solution that combines gigabit-per-second home access over fiber networks with in-home distribution to consumer and computing appliances over coaxial cables and phonelines at a bandwidth of 128 megabits per second and with guaranteed quality of service (QoS).
Andrew Corporation's new Positive Stop(TM) Connectors are available for HELIAX(R) AVA (Andrew Virtual Air) foam-dielectric coaxial cables.
High demand for coaxial cables, owing to high investment in broadcasting and broadband sectors so as to enhance communication infrastructure, is also expected to serve as a driver to the market over the next six years.