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the study and classification of armorial bearings and the tracing of genealogies

emblem indicating the right of a person to bear arms

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As part of this process, the coats of arms were plated in white gold, providing a two-tone effect.
Jovan Jonovski from the Macedonian Heraldry Society agrees with the government proposal of replacing the present coats of arms with a new one.
Lyrics of songs and the meanings implicit on coats of arms appear, as do famous personalities, cultural artefacts and events.
There are also plenty of websites offering Coats of Arms from long lists culled from around Europe, but when I put my name in I was not listed which I thought a bit unfair.
Heraldry - designing, displaying and recording coats of arms - dates back to 1135 when knights first used the crests so they could be easily recognised and identified in their armour.
Many or most Canadian institutions of higher learning had Christian origins, and their coats of arms or mottoes reflect it.
The edging, obviously machine-made with a die, results in a clear, dry, and precise silhouette, and the works consequently bring to mind banners, heraldic coats of arms, or medieval emblems.
This proves coats of arms aren't just for 'the great and the good'.
His image appears in coats of arms and on illustrations that to this day pervade our lives.
At Kenilworth Castle a giant dot-to-dot picture was created while visitors also had a chance to design their own coats of arms.
To me the most successful examples of stained glass in this book are not those that imitate paintings or sculpture but those that seem more aesthetically distinctive, even unique - grisaille or semi-grisaille sketches on clear glass with yellow stained details, windows with a few colored panes for accent, coats of arms with decorative borders that again employ strong, simple, and carefully placed color areas.
It would seem that service and humility are not well-represented these days by crimson dress and gold rings, not to mention coats of arms and the title Eminence.
Syd, who runs the Family Crest studio in Edinburgh's Cannongate, said: "We have also been asked to do coats of arms for politicians Winnie Ewing and Mike Russell and actor James Cosmo.
Coats of arms and private chapels proliferated, as did steeply sloping roofs bristling with spiky windvanes.
We talked about the first coats of arms used by soldiers during the Crusades as a means of distinguishing friend from foe on the battlefield, and their subsequent use in later years among upper class society - royalty, nobility and clergy.