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Synonyms for cloakroom

a private lounge off of a legislative chamber

a room where coats and other articles can be left temporarily


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In DeppAAEs hands, Dillinger comes off as sexy and dangerousAuthe disarmingly straightforward way he sweeps coat-check girl Billie Frechette (Marion Cotillard) off her feet and persuades her to be his girlfriend is pretty irresistible.
COATS FOR COSTUMES: See if your local mall will allow you to set up a coat-check area.
Despite its celebrated glass curtain-wall architecture, the exhibits at Mies's Neue Nationalgalerie were equally opaque--for instance, Nairy Baghramian's bullet-ridden La colonne cassee (1871), and Gabriel Kuri's coat-check repository, items in care of items (both 2008).
Back in 2004, The Plain Dealer of Cleveland writer did a column about how management at a local party center kept all the coat-check tips that customers thought were going to the coat-check workers.
After surviving the bouncers and the coat-check woman, frazzled is one word to describe those entering the Carling Academy last night.
Illeana Douglas shares her experience of getting fired from a job as a coat-check girl after a mere four hours on the clock.
The coat check and bar counters are back-lit onyx; when the coat-check service is closed, a panel provides a backdrop niche for fresh flowers.
Since he had a little trouble with their names, he called them Hatcheck and Coat-check.
A renovated courtyard, improved lobby space and signage, an expanded museum shop, upgraded elevators and new restrooms and coat-check facilities are also included in the new plan.
Since many cell phones include a camera function, federal buildings are either collecting the phones at the door in coat-check style or telling people to arrive without their cell phones.
One night, while standing in the coat-check line after a dance, he was pushed aside by a burly youth who, wanted to get to the front of the queue.
The nuance of her interpretation is set, and as she reworks classics such as Nature Boy, the former coat-check girl at The Blue Note who was mentored by Betty Carter flies to new heights with a song in her heart and a troubadouring spirit.
In the process he navigates his way through various sexual and emotional entanglements with a coat-check girl and aspiring singer (Salma Hayek) and her busboy husband (Breckin Meyer).
Since being "discovered" by Mottolla, the former waitress and coat-check girl's five- octave voice has helped her sell 60 million records worldwide and amass a multi- million dollar fortune.
It might be worth it for the big stores to go to the trouble of providing coat-check rooms or lockers.