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Synonyms for cloakroom

a private lounge off of a legislative chamber

a room where coats and other articles can be left temporarily


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Incidentally, the Hat-check and Coat-check stereotype underestimates the level of education among some in the immigrant workforce who have not only expanded mainstream consumption but also started job-generating businesses.
In the process he navigates his way through various sexual and emotional entanglements with a coat-check girl and aspiring singer (Salma Hayek) and her busboy husband (Breckin Meyer).
Since being "discovered" by Mottolla, the former waitress and coat-check girl's five- octave voice has helped her sell 60 million records worldwide and amass a multi- million dollar fortune.
It might be worth it for the big stores to go to the trouble of providing coat-check rooms or lockers.
Patrons will walk through a grand Hollywood-style entrance, stroll past the coat-check room and Wild Bill's gift shop, and make their way to a hot, hip, and country world of music and entertainment.
Winterling's transformation of the Neue Nationalgalerie's two symmetrical coat-check rooms into a set of "lungs" had to be acknowledged as an excellent critical (and hysterical) intervention in a man-made environment.
A certain portion of this was based on playwright Mode's experiences as a waitress and coat-check girl.
After numerous delays, ground finally is broken on construction of the coat-check room for the new Walt Disney Concert Hall.
Other amenities include fresh flowers, delicious mints and coat-check service daily, and restroom attendants on weekends.
Shane is befriended by a young married couple, fellow cleanup crewman Greg (Breckin Meyer) and coat-check girl/aspiring diva Anita (Salma Hayek).
Naturally, it was a black-tie affair, with so many full-length fur coats that the coat-check clerk said she'd lost count.