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Synonyms for wetland

Synonyms for wetland

a usually low-lying area of soft waterlogged ground and standing water

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a low area where the land is saturated with water

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A multimillion dollar grant will allow UWindsor researchers to continue closely monitoring the health of the Great Lakes coastal wetlands and collaborating with scientists based around them.
The loss of as much as 90% of coastal wetlands in California over the past century has motivated research aimed at understanding the effects of such habitat decline.
The first section includes a series of Likert-scale questions designed to assess the subjects' perceptions of various attributes of the rebuilding plan, including the importance of crime control, housing availability, job creation, flood protection, coastal wetland restoration, improved transportation, and cultural preservation.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Many coastal wetlands worldwide, including several on the US Atlantic coast, may be more sensitive than previously thought to climate change and sea-level rise projections for the 21st century.
The loss of coastal wetlands along the Gulf had been well known for decades, and environmental groups had been campaigning for action to restore this deltaic coast.
Previous and ongoing efforts to restore and protect Louisiana's coastal wetlands offer important lessons to guide future restoration plans and strategies.
Incorporating landscape-scale processes to restore self-sustaining ecosystems in coastal wetland restoration.
Or possibly you want to experience the pristine beauty of a coastal wetland filled with crabs, oysters, birds and more.
BIRDS and sea defences will benefit from government plans to create more than 100 hectares of coastal wetland.
Since nearly half of the world's coastal wetland has already been annihilated by development, the losses inflicted by sea level rise are likely to be far more disruptive than they might otherwise be.
Results of the study were published in a report titled Effects of Rice Tailwater Inflows on Coastal Wetland Dynamics, for The Nature Conservancy of Texas.
Furthermore, projects initiated under the Coastal Wetland Planning, Protection, and Restoration Act of 1990 (CWPPRA) are designed to eliminate further losses and to reverse past losses through a wide range of techniques such as water and sediment diversion, revegetation, and canal closure.
A key coastal wetland property, part of the Thousand Acre Marsh near Port Penn, will be conserved through a $731,399 federal grant awarded to DNREC s Division of Fish & Wildlife by the U.
This aims to achieve a strengthened PA system management framework, including improved inter-sectoral coordination, related capacity building, embedding of coastal wetland conservation concerns into cross-sectoral plans, and economic valuation and mainstreaming of wetland ecosystem services including eco-compensation schemes.
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