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Their tree collection includes ancient oaks, a Handkerchief Tree, so-called because the pure-white bracts it produces in spring look like waving handkerchiefs; and spectacular Giant and Coastal Redwoods.
They're planting at least 20,000 coastal redwood trees a year in Lane and Douglas counties, according to the Cottage Grove seedling grower Plum Creek.
The coastal redwood, Sequoia sempervirens, grows at a foot a year and the tallest known is 112m, the tallest trees on earth, while the oldest is a mere 2,200-years-old, so plant one now and the family can shelter under it for the next few millennium parties.
Populating a narrow strip of Pacific coastline between northern California and southwestern Oregon, coastal redwood trees grow from seeds smaller than that of a tomato to heights nearing 370 feet.
A natural coastal redwood forest is a perfect recycling system.
But this is one of the best places around to take in the quiet of a coastal redwood forest.
Up in coastal redwood country, BARRA of Mendocino Winery invites guests to a special tree lighting celebration on Nov.
Dusk was setting in as Rudy Luna, my incredible travel partner, and I followed what could have been a deer trail through the looming coastal redwood forests of Northern California.
MALIBU - A coastal redwood tree was planted at City Hall on Saturday in memory of longtime resident Burgess Meredith.
For most participants, the tour was also their first opportunity to see Coastal Redwood trees (Sequoia sempervirens) in their native environment, to learn about the habitat that supports them, and to understand how working forests under responsible forest management can provide environmental, economic and social benefits.
Some changes may be subtle and hard to notice, such as the gradual decline of coastal redwood forests over the coming centuries.
Paddling a kayak: From solo rentals to guided group tours, Liquid Fusion Kayaking introduces you to this special way of experiencing coastal redwood country.
LOOK FOR: Deodar cedar, incense cedar, Afghan pine, Monterey pine, Scotch pine, and coastal redwood, plus precut noble fir and silver tip fir.
The headwaters of the Mattole begin among stands of ancient coastal redwood and flow through Douglas-fir/hardwood forests before emptying into the Pacific Ocean near Petrolia, California.
The women spent three days in the lush coastal redwood forests learning survival skills, wilderness first aid, map and compass techniques as well as outdoor cooking.
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