continental shelf

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the relatively shallow (up to 200 meters) seabed surrounding a continent

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Fishing activity, navigable sea conditions, and movements of fishermen are closely tied to shallow coastal waters and thus are based within shared portions of coastal shelf (Squire and Smith, 1977; PAC(3)).
The coastal shelf around Oahu is broader than that of the Kauai Complex, particularly at its prominent points.
The Maui Complex has the widest coastal shelf of all the island platform groups.
The coastal shelf widens to within 2-5 miles along the northern coast, from Cape Kumukahi to Kealakekua.
Iron as a reference element for determining trace metal enrichment in Southern California coastal shelf sediments.
Coastal shelf areas and the likes of the Humboldt Current, the Patagonian Shelf, the Antarctic Polar Frontal Zone and the Benguela Current are also seen as important for albatrosses and petrels while breeding.
We discriminated several additional assemblages primarily because we sampled additional habitats: Channel Islands, bays, and the Mexican coastal shelf.
For a comparison of benthic diversity-abundance relationships in three soft-bottom habitats, 321 samples were collected at random from southern California embayments, the coastal shelf and Channel Islands.
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