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the relatively shallow (up to 200 meters) seabed surrounding a continent

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In the Gulf of Arauco and in the coastal shelf adjacent to the Itata River mouth, a negative correlation was also observed between oxygen and the variables percent organic matter, depth and seaward distance (P < 0.
Unlocking the potential of the UK coastal shelf will require both the industry and government to play their parts in full.
The second is that they represent terrestrial mammals that lived and died on Beaufort Sea coastlands (both exposed coastal shelf and Yukon Coastal Plain) and were incorporated into the sediments that were later ice-thrust by a Late Wisconsinan advance of the LIS.
The waves were breaking hard and fast against the island's steep coastal shelf.
Iron as a reference element for determining trace metal enrichment in Southern California coastal shelf sediments.
Another important thing to remember is that while there is loss of marine life in a relatively small area, the upwelling phenomenon is occurring along the entire coastal shelf.
Among the posts advertised are chairs in environmental genomics, environmental systems, marine biology of coastal shelf seas and materials chemistry.
Up to 70 per cent of the European coastal shelf is made up of permeable sand, and as well as producing some memorable beaches, this sand also represents a valuable resource through its use in the fishing, raw materials, water, oil and gas industries.
To the Hawaiians of old, a coastal shelf in the southeast corner of the Big Island - now within the boundaries of this national park - contained the Hill of Long Life.
Although high rainfall, erosion, and sedimentation are antagonistic to the survival of healthy corals, the coastal shelf also sustains fringing and patch reefs in windward regions.
The Legal Services Corporation has been managed by a succession of boards packed with Reagan loyalists, nearly forty of them in all, who have shown less concern for the poor than James Watt displayed for the Big Sur coastal shelf.
The coastal shelf along our Big Bend is long and low.
Open Competition: State monitoring of subsurface coastal shelf zones of seas
The organisation discovered the hole in the ozone layer in the 1990s, and recently highlighted the advanced effects of climate change by tracking the break-up of the Antarctic coastal shelf.
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