Pseudotsuga menziesii

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lofty douglas fir of northwestern North America having short needles and egg-shaped cones

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The average MOE of the Twin Cities material was slightly less than that of Coast Douglas-fir, but was slightly greater than the average values for Interior West and Interior North.
But at a neck-craning 257 feet it actually looks down on all champions except the redwood, sequoia, coast Douglas-fir, and noble fir.
The biggest coast Douglas-fir ever measured in all dimensions was the Mineral Tree, which grew southwest of Mount Rainier and fell in 1930 when it was 1,020 years old.
Add in a 141-foot height and a 126-foot crown spread, and the Petrolia bluegum is dwarfed only by the champion giant sequoia, coast redwood, western redcedar, Sitka spruce, and coast Douglas-fir.
The Olympic Mountains, perhaps the crown jewel of American old-growth, have eight national champions, all conifers, including the 804-point coast Douglas-fir, 922-point sitka spruce, and 931-point western red-cedar.
Only the champions of the coast Douglas-fir (329 feet), coast redwood (313 feet), giant sequoia (275 feet), and none fir (272 feet) reach higher.
5, the coast Douglas-fir, the biggest difference is 56 points between the sugar pine (No.