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Synonyms for granularity

the quality of being composed of relatively large particles

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The coarse grained nature of the samples and relatively easy upgrading indicate that ore derived from these deposits will likely be very viable - depending on the cost of transport and providing infrastructure to site.
Drilling has outlined a steeply dipping zone of mineralisation with coarse grained chalcopyrite, associated with magnetite.
Two coarse grained diorite porphyries form the focus for the copper and gold mineralization, with gold tending to be concentrated closer to the intrusions, and the copper being found slightly "outboard" of the gold as well as being coincident with it.
All four holes intersected fine to coarse grained and net textured, semi-massive and massive sulphides across a minimum true thickness of 42 meters.
The main product derived from the property will be coarse grained, rounded and frosted white quartz pebbles.
BBG gold mineralization is coarse grained with erratic distribution, and suffers from the same issue of imprecise gold grade determinations.
Coarse grained pyrite occurs consistently throughout the extensive zones of tourmaline and quartz alteration.
These boulders consist of either coarse grained macrocrystic kimberlite or micaceous kimberlite.
Such tools work well for orchestrating coarse grained services, but where do the services that are orchestrated originate?
Clear Logic ASICs have a proprietary coarse grained architecture.