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the quality of being composed of relatively large particles

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Lithofacie B comprised of medium to coarse grained and current bedded sandstone.
Preliminary work indicates the magnetic highs correspond to a coarse grained banded iron formation that has in places been locally enriched to greater than 65% Fe.
According to Deep Yellow's initial estimates, Shiyela's capital cost and energy consumption are likely to be comparatively low as a result of the coarse grained concentrate, with estimated plant CAPEX at ~US$100 per annual tonne of product.
Bi Level RBAC focuses on the notion and relationship of business roles to functional roles to allow a company to centrally manage coarse grained access control while delegating fine grained access control in a compliant manner.
The Wadhrai granite is pinkish gray, apparently fresh and sub-leucocratic, jointed and weathered, and medium to coarse grained.
Three ore types that are all considered to be coarse grained with the potential to produce excellent quality products; and
Results as reported by Brian Alers (PGeol): "A high-grade sample of the coarse grained chalcopyrite (CuFeS2) bearing center of the vein contains 2.
These rocks are petrographically divided into a) massive coarse grained (CG), b) fine grained (FG) and c) foliated coarse grained granites (CGF).
Mineralogy is simple and coarse grained with multi element analysis suggesting a lack of deleterious elements.
The copper occurs in coarse grained gabbro along the contact of the Coldwell Complex similar to the Marathon Deposit.
Recent drilling at Overland Resources Limited's (ASX:OVR) Darcy Zinc Deposit has intersected thick zones of visible coarse grained sphalerite (zinc sulphide) in extensional step out drilling.
Over the course of two years, IME has conducted systematic exploration on the project and has identified high interest indicator mineral chemistry and three distinct kimberlite float trains, one of which yielded a 3 kilogram coarse grained mantle nodule.