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Gawarrgay is a featherless emu, and the head in the Coalsack represents a big waterhole on Earth.
The extent of the Coalsack drew many comments as the vastness of the nebula was revealed in all its glory.
COALSACK saved national honour with a surprise success in the pounds 121,950 Gran Premio Carlos Pellegrini, on the turf at San Isidro, Buenos Aires, last Saturday.
Its interstellar dust begins not far from Deneb, in a region sometimes called the Northern Coalsack--named after the smaller but more intense Coalsack in the far-southern sky.
Coalsack, Coal Sack Prominent dark nebula near Crux (Southern Cross).
The far-southern Milky Way contains some very famous and spectacular objects, including the Southern Cross, the Coalsack, the Jewel Box Cluster (NGC 4755), and the incomparable Eta Carinae Nebula (NGC 3372).
Worth Viewing (binoculars or telescope) Object Type Con 47 Tucanae Glcl Tuc M77 Glxy Cet Orion Nebula BrtN Ori Tarantula Nebula BrtN Dor Herschel's Jewel Box OpCl Cru Centaurus A Glxy Cen M41 OpCl Cma Omega Centauri GlCl Cen NGC 253 Glxy Scl NGC 247 Glxy Cet NGC 246 Plnb Cet Coalsack DrkN Cru Fornax A Glxy For M48 OpCl Hya Full details on pages 82 to 84 Constellations Day Constellation 03 Pyxis 09 Hydra 11 Vela 21 Sextans 22 Antlia 24 Leo Minor 28 Chameleon Date of midnight culmination.
At the center is the Southern Cross, with the Coalsack dark nebula, while at the top is the massive Carina Nebula, NGC 3372.
ONE OF THE MOST outstanding features of the southern Milky Way is the striking void known as the Coalsack (pictured on page 47).
It is thought that the bright Canopes are references to the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, while the obscure one could be the dark Coalsack Nebula.
Called the Coalsack, it's the sky's most prominent dark nebula, lying some 600 lightyears from us.
NGC 4755 lies between the Coalsack and [beta] Centauri.
Overhead, the southern Milky Way arches across the dome of the sky, carrying with it some of the heavens' most fantastic spectacles: the Southern Cross with its Jewel Box Cluster and inky Coalsack Nebula, the Eta Carinae Nebula, and the glorious star fields of Centaurus.
These beautiful images of the Large Magellanic Cloud, the Southern Cross, and the Coalsack Nebula may seem comparable to those taken from a dark site on Earth, but they're pretty amazing for a camera and observer traveling at 28,000 km per hour
I spent a memorable hour scanning the heavens from Alpha and Beta Centauri through the Coalsack and the Southern Cross and on to Eta Carinae.