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Coalitions aimed at survival and justice cannot depend solely on an individualistic, agonistic model; and progressive activism cannot depend on naturalized, f ixed, and/or exclusivist notions of community.
They see coalitions as a prime means of reducing outlays for marketing and sales support, to simplify negotiations and to help contain claim costs, administrative fees and communication expense.
The air pollution control district has hired a consultant, Thomason and Associates, a Las Vegas firm, to create a five-year plan for the coalition.
They arose from two of the coalitions springing up that are not only refusing the divisive false choice of environment vs.
The National Business Coalition on Health (NBCH) announced today that Envision Pharmaceutical Services has been selected as a "preferred partner" by its Board of Governors after conducting more than eighteen months of due diligence in review of the pharmacy benefits management (PBM) company.
1 to each of our coalition members because it matches our goal to offer a win-win solution for both employees and employers.
The Youth Vote Coalition has received a grant from WWFE to underwrite a full-time Smackdown Your Vote
NASDAQ:LABS) and the National Business Coalition on Health (NBCH) announced today that LabOne's Lab Card Program is the preferred laboratory benefit of the NBCH.
Robertson's own survey indicated his Christian Coalition had been unable to corral the evangelical vote.
Some of its officials insist that solely the [Christian] Coalition knows the way, the truth and the right.
Formal coalitions with significant monetary commitments and a staff are a growing trend.
Coalitions - sometimes called alliances or cooperatives - are formed by multi-employer, public and single-employer health funds that want to maximize their purchasing clout to obtain the best possible health benefits at the lowest possible cost.
Martin, formerly coalitions director at the Republican National Committee, will fill the slot.
But the Traditional Values Coalition and its ilk are counting on support from that small but vocal number of preachers who may use racially charged arguments to disrupt civil-rights coalitions in cities where gay rights are controversial.