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a tar formed from distillation of bituminous coal

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According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the coal-tar currently festering beneath 50 Kent was left behind by the Williamsburg Works Manufactured Gas Plant, which operated on the site from 1850 until 1930, and an NYC Department of Sanitation Garage, which operated there until 2000.
He said that no leniency will be shown to those using substandard and cheap Iranian coal-tar in the construction of roads and stern action will be taken against them under the law after registration of cases.
Indiscriminate actions should immediately be taken against those elements involved in smuggling of substandard coal-tar and subsequently using it in construction and repair of roads," he said.
Coal-Tar Based Sealants Resource Notebook, Section 7 Addendum.
Instead, having long been frustrated by the lack of "definitive answers to real questions about site and waste characterization and remedial engineering of manufactured gas plants" (his words, from the introduction), he devoted 13 years to visiting and studying more than 900 coal-tar sites in North America and Britain.
has launched Psorent, a steroid-free topical coal-tar solution that uses a novel, lightly occlusive liquid wax vehicle to reduce the odor and staining that caused traditional coal-tar solutions to fall out of favor.
BASF succeeded by commercializing the results of the chemical revolution led by scientists such as Liebig and Perkin who created artificial dyes out of materials such as coal-tar rather than plants and roots.
2000, A comparative study of air-blown and thermally treated coal-tar pitches, Carbon 38, 517-523.
Geigy in Switzerland (later Ciba-Geigy) offered coal-tar based phenolic phosphates in the early '50s.
Coal-tar derivatives have also been used to cure tuberculosis, cholera, and relieve the pain of cancer.
Working in conjunction with Reilly coal-tar enamel coating products, PCG Sleeves can help provide total pipeline corrosion protection.
Reilly coal-tar enamel (CTE) coating products, PCG sleeves can help provide total pipeline corrosion protection.
Perkin was attempting to synthesize quinine (for use against malaria) when instead his efforts yielded the first aniline dye and artificial color to be extracted from coal-tar derivatives.
He recalls using such probes in 1985 to hunt buried and abandoned coal-tar pits.
The option to convert unconventional feedstocks such as heavy oil, coal-tar and coal-oil mixtures will be key in meeting China's transport fuel demand for the next 25 years," said Mr.