coal gas

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gaseous mixture produced by distillation of bituminous coal and used for heating and lighting

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SIR - Hearing the pronouncements of Rohan Courtney of Clean Energy Ltd, you would think underground coal gasification was a completely safe, uncontroversial technology ("Swansea Bay target for unique coal-gas project", January 17).
1754: William Murdoch, Scottish engineer who, with James Watt and Matthew Boulton, pioneered coal-gas lighting, was born.
The Shelby Street MGP operated from 1892 until 1940 as a coal-gas plant, with some byproducts remaining at the site after it was decommissioned.
This membrane has the potential to separate hydrogen from coal-gas streams," said DOE.
Carbonate fuel cells generate electricity by means of clean, efficient electrochemical processes, using fuels such as natural gas and coal-gas.
SHANGHAI -- In recent years, the gas market has undergone enormous changes, among which includes market declines of oil and liquefied gas in the civilian market; the upcoming justification of dimethyl ether mixture which has been cracked down for many years; the flourishing gas market and the addition of unconventional gas, coal-gas etc.
2 billion), over half of its total capital outlay, for shale-gas and coal-gas exploration in 2014.
Sally Wills on secret talks on coal-gas station Why was this meeting held in secret?