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Synonyms for Pollock

United States artist famous for painting with a drip technique

lean white flesh of North Atlantic fish

important food and game fish of northern seas (especially the northern Atlantic)

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Both rivers have been fishing well for flounder and eels and Chris Stringer won the Rutherford's match with ten for 298cm with decent coal-fish being taken from the Glass centre.
It stretches a mile out to sea, giving fishermen the chance to land a variety of catches, like cod, flounder, coal-fish and dab.
It was certainly worth it, as his bag of six codling, four coal-fish and a wrasse weighed in at 14lb 14oz 8drams taking the title.
The catch was made up of ling, cod, whiting, pollack, coal-fish and one cat-fish with, of course, the usual mackerel.
Roker pier has also produced a few codling during darkness to 2lb with the odd sizeable coal-fish, with a few codling to 3lb coming from the upper Tyne and the Walkway.