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fine solid particles of ash that are carried into the air when fuel is combusted

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Contemporaneously, environmental groups, including the Prairie Rivers Network, the Sierra Club, and the Environmental Law & Policy Center, filed proposed rules to address the coal ash pond issues and asked the Board to reopen the case to consider their proposals.
We welcome the opportunity to put this issue behind us, allowing us to continue focusing on closing coal ash basins as quickly as the state process will allow.
These rules will increase costs related to disposal of coal ash moving forward, and extend the long-term liability associated with the risks of storing coal ash on the utility's property,--from "Reclaiming and Recycling Coal Fly Ash for Beneficial Reuse with the STAR Process, "a 2015 World of Coal Ash presentation by The SEFA Group's Jimmy Knowles, John Castleman, P.
The coal industry wanted the less stringent classification, arguing that coal ash wasn't dangerous, and that a hazardous label would hinder recycling.
Please URGE the EPA to set a federally enforceable coal ash rule that protects human health and the environment.
and the federal regulation of coal ash to prevent cancer-causing toxins such as arsenic and mercury from seeping into air and water.
In 2010, the EPA announced that it was considering a reclassification of coal ash as a hazardous waste.
Moving outside the confines of the Clean Air Act, the coal industry also is readying for federal regulation of the disposal of coal combustion residuals, often called coal ash, the country's second-largest source of industrial waste.
In a step to address the environmental threats posed by coal ash storage, the U.
As the Environmental Protection Agency weighs whether to define coal ash as hazardous waste, a study published in Environmental Science and Technology identifies new monitoring protocols and insights that can help investigators more accurately measure and predict the ecological impacts of contaminants.
Two years after the Kingston, TN coal ash spill, federal action to regulate coal ash dumps is being held up by concerns that stricter standards would depress markets for coal-ash recycling.
London, Jan 24 (ANI): Toxic coal ash produced as a result of massive volcanic eruptions may have led to the largest extinction event in Earth's history, according to Canadian researchers.
And at each hearing there have been several hundred people - a couple of hundred people, at least - who have turned up to express their concerns about the threats that coal ash poses to local air and water supplies.
Coal ash, a contaminated byproduct of coal-burning power plants, can seriously impact public drinking supplies.