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fine solid particles of ash that are carried into the air when fuel is combusted

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That event [Kingston] set in motion a chain of events that made TVA [a] leader in coal ash safety to ensure that we'd never have that kind of event again," according to McClung, a professional engineer and TVA's manager for risk and quality assurance.
Charah expects to proceed with construction and said it will start burying coal ash there in the fall.
United States-based Duke Energy is planning to permanently close coal ash basins and safely store coal ash generated from its North Carolina power plants.
In the wake of Duke Energy's massive coal ash spill in Eden, people in the tight-knit Flemington community are paying close attention to the environmental disaster unfolding 200 miles to the northwest along the Dan River.
The toxic coal ash currently sits within yards of the treasured creek.
Todays coal ash proposal embodies EPAs commitment to our state partners by providing them with the ability to incorporate flexibilities into their coal ash permit programs based on the needs of their states, said EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.
That record total represents 56 percent of material generated and made 2016 the second consecutive year in which more than half of coal ash produced in the United States was beneficially used rather than disposed.
She said the coal ash leak had stopped and maintenance activities were ongoing.
Both clean coal yield and clean coal ash showed a decreasing trend with increasing particle size.
s order last week came after he ruled earlier this year in a lawsuit filed by the Sierra Club that the coal ash at Dominion Energy Virginia's Chesapeake plant was polluting surrounding waters with arsenic.
MPW Industrial Services borrowed concepts from the oil field, window-washing and confined space rescue trades to develop a better and safer way to clean coal ash silos, which receive as much as 100 million tons of material in the United States each year.
International Resource News-October 6, 2016--Duke Energy plans to remove coal ash from three basins at the Buck Steam Station in Salisbury
Sutton Coldfield-based Power Minerals was set up to resell coal ash created by power stations for new uses, including by construction and cement companies as an aggregate replacement.
OTCBB: RYMM) (Royal Mines) is pleased to provide an important announcement on the development of its technology for the recovery of gold from coal ash.
By 2007, the EPA had tracked at least 70 cases in which coal ash had caused fish kills, or tainted drinking water and land.