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Furthermore, an idiopathic form of purpura fulminans exists, and other inherited cases of purpura fulminans related to deficiencies of protein C, protein S, or several components of the coagulation system (5).
The significance of the study of seasonal peculiarities of responses of coagulation system to the muscular work is conditioned by the importance of revealing potentially dangerous periods of thrombohemorrhagic complications.
nContact's Numeris(R) Coagulation System with VisiTrax(R) and next generation EPi-Sense(R) Coagulation System technology integrate suction, perfusion, and radiofrequency energy to ensure consistent cardiac tissue contact and create visible, continuous lesions on the epicardium of a beating heart.
Other researchers have investigated perioperative activation of the coagulation system by assaying PF1+2 and TAT.
These findings, which indicate the physiological state in healthy infants, may reflect the interactions among the mediators in the coagulation system over the first months of life.
In the available literature we did not find reports devoted to studying of the blood coagulation system in alimentary anemia that seems to be the most prevalent form of anemia in our region at present time.
The GEM PCL Plus Coagulation Laboratory is a portable, whole-blood coagulation system designed to provide rapid results for PT, PT-Citrate, APTT, ACT-LR, and ACT tests.
Thrombin can activate mast cells, so the modulation of the coagulation system with anticoagulants may prove useful in therapy for urticaria.
Among their topics are immune surveillance in cancer, Castelan's disease, naso-pharyngeal cancer diagnosis and management, viral hepatitis and hepato-carcinogenesis, simian virus 40 and human malignancy, and abnormalities of the coagulation system associated with HIV infection.
Disorders of the coagulation system should be considered when any suspicion of idiopathic thrombosis or embolism appears possible, including a protein C deficiency, protein S and antithrombin III activity.
Data thus far are conflicting with regard to whether hypobaric hypoxia in the airplane cabin leads to activation of the coagulation system, Dr.
Activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT), prothrombin time (PT), and fibrinogen measurements were performed on the Behring Coagulation System (DadeBehring) with proprietary reagents (Thromborel S for PT, Pathromtin for aPTT, and Multifibren U for fibrinogen determinations, respectively).
Booth 220 The SonoSurg G2 is a fast versatile, and reliable ultrasonic cutting and coagulation system.
If you eat a high-fat meal, it seems to activate the coagulation system," says Marckmann.