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an agent that produces coagulation


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Clearlogx") to purchase all of the assets of Clearlogx pertaining to its unique Clearlogx control technology and its specialty coagulants.
Contract notice: Supply of ferrous coagulants - framework agreement.
A comparison of conventional coagulants and auxiliary coagulants in pretreatment process of Gavmishan, Kermanshah, Tabriz University of Medicine and Health Care Services, proceedings of 16th national conference on environmental sanitation.
Five plastic 1,000-mL bottles were filled to the 1,000-mL mark with water clarified by natural coagulants, and the lids were put on.
The new water treatment reagent, known as a coagulant, is made by substituting an atom of gallium into the center of an aluminum oxide cluster, a commonly used coagulant in water purification.
He said Hart, which specialises in developing coagulants and sophisticated blood diagnostic equipment, allowed Asian hospitals to treat patients quicker and for less than they could be treated in the UK.
9) With the significant efficiency of chitosan in reducing the sludge cake moisture content taken into account and its very low consumption level compared with other coagulants, using this polymer is justifiable as well.
All the alternative coagulants performed better than alum and sodium aluminate in treating warmer raw waters of different quality throughout the fiscal year (polymer is not added to warmer waters).
Simple and rapid method for purification and characterization of active coagulants from the seeds of Vigna unguiculata and Parkinsonia aculeata.
The percentage turbidity removal for both coagulants are also showed in Fig.
Market Analytics III-58 Table 65: UK Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for Drinking & Wastewater Treatment Chemicals by Product Segment- Corrosion- & Scale-Inhibiting Chemicals, Coagulants & Flocculants, Biocides & Disinfecting Chemicals, Filter Media & Adsorbent Chemicals, Softeners & pH Adjustors, Fluoridation Agents and Antifoaming Agents Independently Analyzed by Annual Sales for the Years 2001 through 2010 in US$ Million (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-58
Contract notice: Deliveries coagulants - aqueous alkaline solution of polyaluminum chloride.
First, coagulants and macro-coagulants help balance the charge of the wet end," she said.
Contract award: deliveries coagulants - water wysokozasadowego polyaluminum chloride solution.
These include polymers and coagulants for retention and water treatment, AKD, ASA and rosin sizes, hydrogen peroxide for bleaching, and certain deposit control and defoaming agents as well as deinking chemicals.