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a craftsman who makes the bodies of motor vehicles

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The Italian Automotive Renaissance, 1945--1975 celebrates the visual dynamism and spirit of innovation characterizing Italian coachbuilt cars, concept cars and motorcycles produced during the post--World War II economic revival.
Jeff Bull, managing director at Coachbuilt GB, said: "The expansion of both our client base and team meant that we required additional workshop and office space.
The selection will include two new low-chassis MLWB compact derivatives that measure up at below 6m in length, offering all the comfort of a coachbuilt with the versatility, drivability and everyday use of a smaller motorhome.
The Knaus Sky TI 650 MF is a fixed bed coachbuilt motorhome and impressed the judges from MMM and Which Motorhome with its value for money, excellent design and impressive levels of equipment.
Although coachbuilt motorhomes take the lion's share of the market, there has been a comeback for the campervan, with high-top and elevating roof models regaining popularity.
We hired a grand-sounding Italian CI Riviera coachbuilt model, built on a Fiat chassis.
The design of the Mulsanne is a unique fusion of sportiness, coachbuilt elegance and solidity, echoing the Bentley S -Type of the 1950s.
para]]Iconic Coachbuilt Ferraris, Long Tail Cars of Le Mans, Iconic Pre-1965 Porsches and Racing Legend Jochen Mass to Headline 13th Annual Event: New Fairway Lounge To Offer Live Music, Caviar and Champagne[[/para]]
Models include early Swallow Sidecars and Swallow coachbuilt Austin Sevens, plus a range of pre-war SS models, seven XK 120s, C and D-types, an XKSS, eight E-types, 30 classic Jaguar 'Mark' model saloons plus 19 XJS models and more than 20 XJ saloons.
The distinctive and affordable Majestic coachbuilt range is designed and engineered to the most demanding of standards, combining over 40 years of heritage from prestigious manufacturer Elddis with ultra-modern special edition features and stylish comfort.
John explained: "I got in touch with a specialist firm, Coachbuilt UK, which is based in Attleborough, but the initial response was not too promising.
These multiaward-winning coachbuilt motorhomes are designed and engineered to the most exacting of standards, combining over 40 years of heritage with ultra-modern features and stylish comfort.
There was no cost spared on the factory built coupes and if they were not good enough there was a choice of numerous coachbuilt bodies.
Some of the world's most interesting Bentleys, Daimlers and Rolls Royces were coachbuilt here.