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Synonyms for coma

Synonyms for coma

a state of deep and often prolonged unconsciousness

(botany) a usually terminal tuft of bracts (as in the pineapple) or tuft of hairs (especially on certain seeds)

(astronomy) the luminous cloud of particles surrounding the frozen nucleus of a comet

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Early initiation of DMT has been associated with significant improvements in MS prognosis (Applebee & Panitch, 2009; Carter & Keating, 2010; Comi, 2008).
COMI maintains highest loan market share of all private-sector banks at 8.
Comi defends the idea that "the current system does not sufficiently include stakeholders like consumers or environmental defence groups in the standardisation process".
They send this information to Comi at the New York/New Jersey Baykeeper.
At present there is no cure for this disorder, besides ventilation and prevention of infections," New Scientist magazine quoted Comi as saying.
Ayer me comi una sandia, con los pies colgando mientras tu reias desde la azotea, sentada en la orilla, y leias cantando un poema de Jaime que iba: Todos los tuneles que somos nos vamos.
Over the years, energy drinks have become a permanent fixture in our popular culture," said Paul Comi, president of Caffe D'Amore.
All the rock fractures generally held together by the ice, which acts as a glue, give way because the ice melts, leading to a situation of instability," global-warming scientist Michelle Comi told ANSA, the Italian news agency.
The Comi is ideal for snack bars, cafes and delis that can take full advantage of the Meal Kits versatility.
The litter from her two dogs Comi and Bernie, both pedigree bichon frises, was unexpected.
Peter Nias from MWE UK; Bruno Gouthiere from Bureau Francis Lefebvre France; Dirk Pohl from MWE Germany; and Gilberto Comi from MWE Italy, participated in the panel.
There is a trend toward starting the drug early in an effort to prevent or reduce the early axonal damage that has been identified in MRI studies (Comi, 2000; Comi, Colombo et al.
We've already made pounds 60,000 and the money is still comi ng .
Roger Comi, a dyslexic student who attended Santa Ana College in Santa Ana, Calif.