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a coenzyme present in all living cells

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The CoA once again reminded the BCCI that the administrators shall supervise the management of the cricket governing body of India.
He noted that there have been instances when parties, even if so willing, were unable to validate past projects with concerned agencies when confronted by COA auditors many years after the projects' implementation.
The deviation between a COA that has been ranked as a 1 for a particular criterion and a COA that has been ranked as a 2 is equal to 1.
They saw the devastation in Region 2 wherein the COA building was destroyed and the next thing to do is how to rebuild it into a typhoon-resilient one.
NTEU President Tony Reardon said that last stipulation, which CoA quoted in its complaint, was part of the introductory comments in the memo and does not apply to this situation.
She is able to endorse payments made by the Friends for goods and services that the Friends would ultimately submit to the COA for reimbursement.
Jim has been a source of inspiration and ideas for all on the CoA," said Terri Sasser, MPH, CoA chair in 2010.
As a low cost option, the service potentially offers customers the chance to recover deployment costs with a relatively short time and continue to reduce costs subsequently, according to COA.
And now that the school knows how to go about it, all COA events are as close to zero-waste as possible.
The family climate that a COA is raised in is often controlling, which reinforces family members' feelings of powerlessness.
The COA allows the Air Force to shorten normal processing and approval time for Global Hawk flights from approximately 60 days to as few as five days, Air Force officials said.
Those are COA euphemisms meant to soft pedal the fact that the FTAA will devastate our domestic market and stir a major backlash, as the American public comes to grasp its full implications.
First negotiated in 1971, COA was regularly renegotiated without incident until the most recent round of negotiations, which began in 1991 and continued into 1994.
In its seventh status report to the apex court, the two-member CoA, comprising of Vinod Rai and Diana Edulji, cited that the term of office of the present office-bearers expired on March 1, 2018, according to the BCCI's existing Constitution.