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a coenzyme present in all living cells

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See Arman (2000) for a practical model for facilitating a COA group for PSCs.
COA is the only organization dedicated solely to community oncology where close to 70% of Americans with cancer are treated.
The COA is the only department that was denied a non-level funded budget request by Advisory.
The CoA asked for guidance in relation to whether an organisation needs to begin consultation at an early stage - when it is merely thinking about changes which might result in redundancies, but has not yet made a final decision, or at a later point when it has made a final decision to reduce headcount.
COA Chair Catherine Cooksley, DrPH, applauded the work to change the name, noting that the new name reflects the group's ever-increasing breadth.
The complete process is based on developing different COAs using various criteria (such as maneuver, firepower, and protection) and comparing them in a decision matrix to select the best COA to accomplish the mission.
The COA has a plan to promote higher consumption of rice in Taiwan, by raising per-capita rice consumption to 51 kilograms by 2014 from the present 48 kilograms, and achieving food self-sufficiency to 32.
Business applications software provider COA Solutions yesterday announced that it has signed an agreement with Rosslyn Analystics, a developer of SaaS spend analysis technology.
Today COA, and its local proxies, such as the Vancouver Olympic Committee (VANOC), enjoy legal status as public authorities.
Release date- 12022009 - COA Solutions, a leading provider of business management and information systems to the UK mid-market, announces the launch of its new HCM Portal.
The software provides a complete COA function that measures whether the product is in specification by comparing the sample results to the regulatory standard.
Located in Bar Harbor, Maine, COA was founded in 1969 on the premise that a new educational philosophy was needed to address the world's social and environmental challenges.
Insurance Services Office (ISO) Limited, provider of personal injury claims and anti-fraud insurance services and solutions, has launched COA 3.
Depositional and post-depositional soil evolution and the inferred environmental conditions of open Paleolithic sites at Coa Valley in Portugal.