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(statistics) the mean value of the product of the deviations of two variates from their respective means

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Current research estimates the components of co-variance and genetic parameters for growth characteristics by random regression models taking the joint effect of age of the animal and the age of the dam at the instance in which the calf is weighed.
If the co-variance is 0, it means that there is no linear relation between the variables.
Analysis of co-variance (ANCOVA) was used to assess the outcome variables; in the ANCOVA, the posttest values were the outcome variables and the co-covariates were the age and pretest (baseline) values.
Tests of school type by gender interactions were conducted using analysis of co-variance.
It builds a bridge between, on the one hand, a recently renewed interest in conceptual analysis which extends our knowledge and, on the other hand, externalist semantics according to which concepts have objective content by means of their proper co-variance with real structures to which they thus refer.
Multiple analyses of co-variance (MANCOVAs), controlling for ethnicity, age group and gender, were used to investigate the effects of chronic disease status (group 1: no chronic disease; group 2: hypertension alone; group 3: hypertension plus one or more other chronic diseases; and group 4: other chronic diseases without hypertension) on health and well-being (Fig.
The researchers used an analysis of co-variance model, adjusting for baseline heavy drinking days, to examine factors associated with change in the frequency of heavy drinking.
Analysis of co-variance, adjusting for maternal and paternal education levels and age of the child, did not reveal any significant differences by parent working status in the children's average daily physical activity, in the average time spent in sedentary, light, moderate or vigorous-intensity activity or in the average time spent watching TV (Table 1).
Therefore its volatility is a function of the share of each sector, the variance of the growth of each sector, and the co-variance between the growth rates of each sector.
We show that, in the presence of financing imperfections, optimal hurdle rates should include an additional factor driven by co-variance with internal capital.
In essence, supervenience is a relation of co-variance, either across time ("no change in As without a change in Bs") or across worlds ("worlds alike in the distribution of Bs are alike in the distribution of As").
When a fitness function in the form of (B1) acts on a set of normal distributed traits, the vector of selection gradients that act on the breeding values of the traits is[Mathematical Expression Omitted], (B2)where [Mathematical Expression Omitted] is the vector of phenotypic means and G is the genetic co-variance matrix for the traits.
Most implementations of parametric method-based algorithms rely on an eigendecomposition of the received co-variance matrix.
Compared to many other tests of the model, the Frankel procedure puts little restriction on the behavior of expected returns and the `betas' (the co-variance of the rate of return on a particular asset and the rate of return on the portfolio) beyond what is imposed by the model.
ORI) based on its extremely strongly capitalization and diverse group of subsidiaries with limited expected co-variance in operating results.