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Synonyms for trustee

Synonyms for trustee

a person (or institution) to whom legal title to property is entrusted to use for another's benefit

members of a governing board

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If the grantor is the trustee or a co-trustee, and the second alternative method of reporting is used, then no Form 1041, Form 1099, or separate grantor tax information letter is required.
If a trustee function, such as investment of trust assets, has been delegated to one co-trustee pursuant to statute, the delegating co-trustees retain the legal responsibility to use reasonable care to ensure that the co-trustee exercising authority does so in accordance with its fiduciary duties.
Having two or more trustees can gum up the decision-making process, especially if the co-trustees aren't getting along.
At a later date, when the client was otherwise comfortable with fully distributing the principal (35 in the above example), the plan could allow the beneficiary the right to remove and replace their co-trustee.
Frost resigned as the trust's co-trustee the day the story appeared, and in July a granite bust of Frost was removed from the garden of the Harvey & Bernice Jones Center for Families in Springdale, the primary beneficiary of Bernice Jones' legendary philanthropy.
If you become unable to manage your own affairs," says Miller, "your co-trustee or successor trustee can take over control of the trust assets.
Perhaps you have a client who is a surviving spouse with some degree of dementia and is a co-trustee with another person?
He said there had been two instances where Ms Cheong practised without a certificate, but he said 'the most serious aspect of the case' was a complaint by the beneficiary of a late relative's estate of which the solicitor was co-trustee.
Sometimes, this can place a strain on family relations, so it's a good idea to appoint a co-trustee, someone a bit distanced from the inner circle of family politics and with substantive trustee and investment experience.
As required by the Indenture (the "Indenture"), dated May 18, 2007, by and among the Company and The Bank of New York Mellon, as successor in interest to The Bank of New York, as Trustee ("Trustee") and the Co-Trustee named therein, the Company offered (the "Offer") to each holder of the Notes ("Holder") the right to sell (the "Put Option"), upon the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in the Indenture, the Notes, for cash, to the Company.
Gorsira, who co-led the international team of advisors together with co-trustee Robert van Beemen: "In January 2009, we had no funding and insufficient access to information and documents.
He will be accompanied by co-trustee Griffith Eryl Jones and the company's two directors Malcolm and David Griffiths.
Oppose HB 743 containing proposed changes to the Florida Trust Code that would erode Florida consumer's rights by enlarging a corporate trustee's ability to engage in conflict of interest transactions with its own fiduciary accounts, providing a statute of repose and shortening the statute of limitations in circumstances where the trustee has failed to account and concealed its breach of trust from the beneficiaries, exonerating a co-trustee from liability for a directed co-trustee's breach of trust; and would enlarge the provisions concerning fiduciary exculpatory provisions compromised with the Florida Banker's Association last year.
A trust protector can generally remove and replace a trustee; terminate the trust; change the situs of administration: resolve co-trustee deadlocks or beneficiary-trustee disputes; veto investment decisions; and redirect trust distributions or amend administrative provisions and trust terms based on unforeseen circumstances in the beneficiaries' lives or changes in law.
Authority determined that Mr Meddings as a co-trustee was in breach of his duty