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Synonyms for co-sign

sign jointly

sign and endorse (another person's signature), as for a loan


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Co-signing, or internet prescribing, is a practice used by all Canadian internet pharmacies, to sidestep laws prohibiting pharmacies from filling prescriptions from other countries.
The two sides have co-signed protocols on health cooperation, protection of national production, two sports cooperation memos of understanding, technical cooperation in the field of standards, drug and food, in addition to co-signing of executive instructions of cooperation in the field of civil defense and protection.
Security is an important issue for senior care practitioners when implementing an authentication and positive identification solution for electronically prescribing and co-signing orders," says Dave Wessinger, PointClickCare CTO.
Now on to a column I wrote recently advising seniors against co-signing on college loans.
This means accounts where multiple signatures are required to release funds, will require the user to "create a new 'proposed transaction' and each proposed transaction has a dedicated co-signing page.
Parents might wonder how 'Backing' is different than traditional co-signing," added Gilad Woltsovitch, Co-CEO and founder.
Gatling, who handles some 30,000 clients per year through his credit counseling firm, finds that many people don't understand the risks of co-signing for another person's debt.
If you do not co-sign the notes yourself, you need to be sure that the person co-signing the notes understands the criteria for acceptable documentation and does not cut corners by co-signing notes that fail to meet the rigorous criteria outlined above.