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the act of living together and having a sexual relationship (especially without being married)

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Despite the subsequent name change to "Civil Co-habitation", following the agreement of both the Legal Service and the Cyprus Bar Association, the name is still not right based on the ruling of the ECHR regarding what is co-habitation," Accept said, adding that the terminology used should reflect international norms such as for example 'Civil Union'" in order to avoid any legal obstacles in the representation of the Cypriot document internationally.
Rather than an example of invasiveness, I would suggest that it's a problem of human encroachment and the associated problems of co-habitation between humans and wildlife.
Although the majority of households in the United States own a pet (62 percent, according to ASPCA[i]), it can be difficult to find rentals that allow co-habitation with furry friends.
I can't make long-term predictions, but for now it seems he is experimenting with this type of simple co-habitation," Lombardi said.
She does not think a restraining order is appropriate and she wants to renew co-habitation.
Miss Ellie and Jock showed that the Broons weren't the only family with a preference for multi-generational co-habitation.
Mr Jenkins (pictured), whose Leeds-based practice covers Kirklees and the local courts, practices all aspects of family law, including divorce, co-habitation and children issues.
Be it through marriage, co-habitation or civil partnership there is a rich history in Tyne and Wear of the many ways in which people show their commitment to each other.
The Family Team is led by partner Sophie Hughes, who is the chairman of the South Wales Region of Resolution and is an expert with specialist knowledge of financial arrangements on divorce and co-habitation disputes.
Christine's mother is quite accepting of the situation but in a scene with her daughter, seems at a loss to explain how to rationalize the normality of two people who want to be together and just happen to be from different sections of society, who then might have their future house stoned, or even burned down because this sort of co-habitation is not the accepted way for some in the city.
But the family law team is not just focused on divorce, it is expert in one of the growing dilemmas of the modern day, that of grandparents' rights over their grandchildren, as well as pre-nuptial agreements and co-habitation claims.
Transgressions [various artists present their works focusing on co-habitation of different cultures and the confrontations that such co-habitation engenders] - Until June 7
Parvanov, a former leader of Bulgarian Socialist Party, and Borisov, head of the center-right ruling party GERB, have ostensibly been in conflict over a number of issues during their co-habitation even though some media reports have suggested that the two leaders might have made a grand bargain for Bulgarian politics.
Like warblers and falcons in the eco-system, there is both co-habitation and competition between OSS and PS," Lerner said.
The debate aimed to consolidate the values of co-habitation and tolerance and promote the culture of dialogue inside institutions.