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Synonyms for cosigner

one of two or more signers of the same document (as a treaty or declaration)


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a signer in addition to the principal signer (to verify the authenticity of the principal signature or to provide surety)

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The CFPB report recommends that prospective co-signers of student loans be provided counseling and communications from lenders and school financial aid officials that explain the liability they may be undertaking.
Precise IDSM for Co-Signers (Experians risk-based fraud detection and prevention platform or equivalent)
These summaries, sent to student borrowers and co-signers for the first time this month, will be issued annually to TruFit student loan borrowers.
Criteria for the loans are that the recipient must be a woman, poor, have a viable idea for a new or existing business, and have co-signers to the loan.
He estimated that as many as 120 representatives will be co-signers of the bill by the time you read this.
To view the letter and its list of co-signers, visit the Additional Resources portion of the IFA Health Reform Toolkit at www.
A SMALLER SET of prospective residents, especially at higher-rent properties, but a better-qualified pool of applicants overall is resulting from the changes in the rental market as applicants double up, add co-signers or leave their apartments because of job loss.
As many as one-quarter of prospective renters entering the New York market every year do not meet the minimum financial requirements, and need credit enhancements like co-signers or additional security deposits to qualify.
The loans will have terms comparable to private loans available for students with US co-signers.
employees, self-employed professionals, and non-salaried, high net worth individuals--all of whom require some type of credit enhancement such as co-signers or additional security deposits to qualify.
This hands-across-America movement could force our NAFTA co-signers to establish and enforce minimum health, labor, and educational standards and demand government transparency and respect for human rights in both Americas.
Significant numbers of aid administrators are encouraging the use of Parent PLUS loans and loan application co-signers, as well as building alternative lender lists.
Also yesterday, in a letter to President Bush featuring co-signers from both sides of the aisle, Durbin urged Bush to recognize the acknowledge the importance of this issue by proposing a considerable funding increase for FDA's Foods Program in the fiscal 2009 budget.
Rushton said the two councilors, who are among the co-signers of the order, want to be able to vote on it.
While the bankruptcy stalled the bank from taking the church's property, the case went forward against the co-signers of the loans, pastor Kevin D.